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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Can't help but laugh today at the two "senators," Mike Lee and Ted Cruz, seen with Sarah Palin at a rally of men angry about national park monuments closed. The two so-called senators were drawing attention to themselves in protest against the government for shutting down. These were the republican tools that created the situation, first degree, with pre-meditated intent in the service of the pipeline billionaires funneling money to republican politicians to make chaos of our democracy, sweep it out of the way for a one-party police state. And the white-haired republican telling the woman working for park service to be ashamed of herself for closing the WW2 memorial. It is beyond redundant to note he was one of the lockstep marionettes that created the situation. The monkeys didn't even know what they did. Cruz's ignorance is popular among republicans. He's the only one considered for a presidential run. He will lose worse than McCain-Palin. This is the Reaganista generation. Dan Quayle was just the beginning. It is alarming to see that these knuckleheads are popular. Even Romney. They could run him again next time as VP with Cruz. These people are showing us that money does not equal intelligence. They are showing us that money equals self-centered ego. Their public spectacle of ignorance makes everybody not a republican laugh. The people of Europe must be considering ways to separate themselves from associations with the American stooges. They are empirical evidence of the dumbing down of America.
Why do I go on concerning myself with these two-dimensional cardboard cut-outs from the dark side? Maybe it's for the drama. The dark side makes good drama. Everything they say is spoken with intent to deceive. Their own personal lives are deceptions too. They lie as freely as somebody else eats potato chips. They don't even respond when called on their lies. Good training from Karl Rove. The pathological lying a Rove signature. This so-called government shut-down is looking more every day like a coup. The republican politicians who cheered the shut-down are obviously not in the market for votes. They're evidently being paid so well by Koch brothers' under the table methods, their loyalty is set. The republican party has abandoned its voters. Of course they would in a police state coup. Who knows how that will manifest? It's weird and getting weirder. The weirdest part is knowing this is planned strategy. This is a takeover of our government by white man. In white man way of thinking, he's taking it back. It's looking bad for a 2014 election. The American Empire is over. From here on, we'll be watching it fall apart. We've been seeing it fall apart over the last 30+ years, the time of the Reagan Revolution, another name for the decline and fall of the American Empire. The downhill run is gaining momentum.
American politics has always been corrupt, crooked and about money only. We the people are the last consideration, not even that. We are the masses to be manipulated by the best propaganda that's ever been in this world. The expanse of American people are plugged into propaganda central, so used to being told what to do by way of subliminal symbols, it's pointless to speak to somebody who believes television is the truth. My mother, "I know it for a fact. I heard it on television." It made my heart ache for her. At the same time, I can't help but think so what if she's hoodwinked. I'm hoodwinked too. I have a different version of reality than she does, but mine is illusion too. So what if I'm right and she's wrong; so what if she's right and I'm wrong. It's the same either way. Nothing. Responding to illusion in our own karmic ways makes for very complex human behavior. The stuff of the forebrain, trying to figure out abstractions, connecting the dots to make constellations in the sky called the heavens. Where we go when we die. Another star in the firmament. In Neolithic times, I imagine the stars in the sky at night were thick. I have seen a few nights where the starlight was so bright I could see without a moon. I'm of the illusion that paying attention to the current events I'll have a better understanding than otherwise. I still believe I do. But don't want to give too much attention to it. Am wanting now to withdraw my attention from it. But won't. It's like paying attention to weather forecasts.    

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