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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


All of a sudden, half the population of Texas is criminalized, the male half. Masturbation has raised its ante from sin to crime. Two years in prison for it. What's a cowboy gonna do? Gives new meaning to "The eyes of Texas are upon you." Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. Texans are also Americans (sorta), so I suppose the new law will be observed the way we Americans observe the law, don't get caught. Better not be suspected of it either. Like WC Fields might say, Where there's smoke there's fire, boys. Boy Scouts is now a criminal organization in Texas. Will it be the scoutmaster's duty to listen at the tents on field trips in the night? Will boys rat on each other or make it up about somebody? "He beat off. I heard him do it." Will Texas make concentration camps for teenage boys with dormitory lights turned on all night? No, it won't do any of that. When a population becomes criminalized, they turn into a unit unto themselves with a code where nobody rats on anybody. The boys and men of Texas will soon have the criminal code among themselves where rats die. It kinda puts preachers, prosecutors and judges in a position of hypocrisy too, as well as the entire state legislature, given a few intelligent exceptions, women. Them too. The state of Texas is officially a prison. Everybody in the state is a criminal. Australia started as a criminal colony and Texas has evolved (the E word in Texas) into a criminal colony.

The Dixie Chicks come to mind saying at a show in London they were ashamed of being from the same state W Bush was from. The Bush administration of epic scoundrels shut them off the corporate media. Their cds sold all the more and their concerts sold out. I also can see that half the population of Texas is embarrassed by the republican chicanery going on there in full control. Police state is not about majority control, but controlling the majority. Wendy Davis, the woman who kept the filibuster going vs Rick Perry, is now elevated to a degree of respect. She's being pointed at as potential candidate for governor. Obama won his presidency because he was the only democrat who voted against going into Iraq. That elevated him to president. Hilary voting for the invasion was a bleep in her campaign. She let down a great portion of her fan base when she went along with the Bush Junta. She lost my attention altogether. She did it for political expediency and it bit her in the ass. The republicans would likely be more vicious to Hilary than they are to Obama. And Dufus Sarah Palin is back. Now she's quitting the republican party cause it aint dumb enough to her satisfaction. Alaska must not have been dumb enough either. Nor Faux news. She represents us to the rest of the world. They look on and laugh. We non-parrots in America look on and weep. Weep because our country we grew up singing Tis Of Thee over, and want to believe in, has gone to shit before our eyes. We know how and we know why. We know we didn't do it. We know there's nothing we can do about it. Obama has shown us for sure by now that he is not on the side of We The People. The black people have known he was not with them from soon after he started.

That's it for the review of the news as comedy. Maybe I'm paying too much attention to Jon Stewart and Bill Maher. More than likely not enough. They keep me laughing better than any sitcom. They are slap-stick. How else can a day's news be looked at over the last thirty-three years? We don't need Faux news to make it even more ridiculous unto overkill. A few times I've set out to look at a Faux news clip for humor and turn it off every time before the first minute is up. The steady stream of arrogance turns me off right away and the bullshit finishes me off. Can't even listen to their voices. An entire tv network that is openly racist on the one hand, and on the other, a business woman who said nigger 27 years ago is crucified without any regard for freedom of speech, innocent until proven guilty, etc. The most racist nation on earth convicting by way of scandal a Southern woman for saying nigger. What else can we call this but comedy? The comedy of stupid, like Jackass the movie. An openly racist supreme court, no problem. I use the nigger word here in defiance of bullshit correctness, parrotry to television. I'm sympathetic with the black cause and I know they don't give a rat's ass. They call me a white emeffer and the C-word, cracker. Nobody comes down on them. Reverse racism is ok. None of that matters at all. I use the word because I'm told not to for reasons I see are bullshit. I use it knowing it is a key word for instant scanning of online documents, like bomb.

The movie Brazil is the image in my mind for police state. It's not about the country Brazil. It happens in the UK. In the beginning, a man and woman in recliners in their flat watching the telly. A chainsaw cuts a circle in the ceiling, a swat team drops down, binds the man and hauls him out. Whoops. Wrong address. Oh well. Let's get on with it. I must see it again soon. As far as I can see, everything we're told by government and media is false, so predictably that when they tell us something straight up we take it for a smoke screen. All through my lifetime the American people have been called sheep in cartoons and editorials. I used to see the sheep grazing in meadows. Now I see the sheep at the stockyards herded and lined up for their last breath, praising and thanking Jesus for keeping Texas free from masturbation. Masturbation amounts to pre-emptive abortion there. If they can't stop abortions, they'll stop them before they start, forbidding men to spill their seed on the ground or into the toilet, whichever. Abortion of the sperm cell. Too ludicrous to even mention, really. The absurdity is that it's a nineteenth century law in 2013. 2001 is in the past and we're drifting into super-imposed poverty throughout the once prosperous land since the Bank took our resources and control. Our powerlessness is expressed through vampire and zombie movies like in the 1950s during the Eisenhower recessions. At least in this time we're able to see the comedy too, somewhat.



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