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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


antoni tapies

The story of Florida racism is everywhere. Can't hardly go online without seeing Zimmerman's face or Trayvon's face. The trial was evidently pathetic. I've no emotion invested in which side won. I never doubted Zimmerman would come out not guilty, took that for a given. The South most often gets blamed for racist behavior, but only north Florida is the South. Central and south Florida is Yankee. What racism takes place there is not Southern. It's Northern. Now the talk is a new federal trial on wrongful death. Federal will be very different from a Florida town's courtroom. Regarding punishment for Zimmerman, I can't help but see he's already been punished severely. He doesn't have a life anymore. Didn't have much of one before, a tube-gawker and big-dog wannabe. Steven Seagal on patrol. Now, he probably needs to be detained in the county jail to keep him alive. Put him in prison, he's dead. Let him run free, he's dead. He's a dead man any way you look at it. He knows it better than we do. In prison, they would keep him in solitary like they did Jeffrey Daumer and Charles Manson. He is now in that company, people who will not stay alive inside prison or out. Somebody who already has a life sentence would kill him for the bragging trophy. How embarrassing for Zimmerman to have Ann Coulter of the Faux news channel cheering for him. He may be proud of it.

antoni tapies

When I say I saw the decision coming, I held out about .05% suspicion something odd could happen and it would work out against Zimmerman. In a town called Rosewood, west of Ocala and Gainesville, the white people set out to massacre the black community over a false rape charge on a simple black man there in 1923. The black people of Rosewood fought back. Well made and good acting in the movie with Ving Rhames, Don Cheedle, Jon Voight. Rosewood is the part of Florida that is the South. I don't mean to excuse Southern racism, I just get tired of the South getting the blame for racism when it is everywhere in USA. The white people that hate Obama are not particular to the South. No state, no region of the country is a hundred percent anything. Most states are on the line between one and another. Each election, the best propaganda campaign tends to win. I don't mean best by "quality," but by what works. Like Sarah Palin. She's the bottom where a quality politician is concerned. She's the top at what works when your target is the uneducated voters. Her message like W Bush's was, Yeah buddy, I'm dumb as a rock, just like you. By now it looks like republicans are putting all their eggs in the basket of anti-compassion. It's a basket that works politically. It's done wonders for the party since 1980. But there is a natural phenomenon something like a natural law, bullshit doesn't have a very long lifespan. The Reagan Revolution was so popular with both republicans and democrats that it looked like it's only counter force would be the time it takes for the bullshit to run itself out to the nothing that it was at the beginning. Like "trickle-down."


Florida's stand-your-ground law was run through the legislature by republicans. It's other name could be the open-season-on-niggers law. Republicans have made Florida, Texas, Arizona, and now are working on North Carolina, into the most demented states in the nation in their state governments. Now we have a new law that cops can't have above a certain level of IQ. Little boys playing big men. Alas, people with IQs think too much. Police state is rule by people who don't think, who don't even recognize Bob Dylan with his driver's license photo ID. If you'd like to see how police state works, check out George Orwell's Animal Farm. It's where cops got the name pigs in the Sixties, "Some pigs are more equal than others." Right now with the McCrory administration in NC, we are a racist state. Under democratic administration, NC is a progressive state looking to the benefit of all. It makes me happy to see the crowds of people demonstrating in Raleigh. These are not college students. Some are. What I see in the photographs is white middle-aged middle-class people, black middle-aged people, the black equivalent of middle-class. Largely people educated beyond high school. They don't count with republicans either, like college students. Educated people don't figure for republicans at all. USA has enough uneducated people to keep the republicans alive as the parrot party. McCrory is going by orders from corporate headquarters, not by what works to the good of the citizens. Look it up in the dictionary, republicans do not represent the people that voted them into power. It's in the definition of the word.

antoni tapies

I'd guess about 75% of this county is racist. In primary and general, Obama lost 75 to 25. It seems like a fair representation of the ratio. It was in Alleghany that I learned not to concern myself with other people's racism, only my own. People I respected way up high, like farmer Tom Pruitt and his factory-worker, farmer, preacher brother, Elder Millard Pruitt, were racist, Millard especially. One evening Millard and I were watching the news and talking. He mentioned to me he'd given money to what he called the Ku Kluxers. His wife walking through the room said, "You aint never." He said, "Talk to me!" A light-hearted way of saying I aint a-lyin. One evening that I was there watching the news with him, about once a week, I went with intent to make an appeal to him about racism, to convince him black people are people too, compassion, even love your neighbor kind of thing.

antoni tapies

During the news a bunch of beer bellied white working men in Mississippi or Alabama were taunting a 5 year old black girl walking on a sidewalk by herself through the gauntlet of those "creepy ass crackers," each one waving a beer bottle and wearing white tshirts, Invisible Empire printed on the front in black. News cameras and vans everywhere. Millard said in excitement like watching tv wrestling, "Now, there's a bunch of boys I'd like to be with." All my mental construct that I walked in the door with fell to the floor around my chair. Gone. In that thousandth of a second, I thought, What am I doing wanting to make him think like me? I said, "Would you be drinking the beer?" "No, I wouldn't be drinking no beer." I laughed at myself on the inside for days, weeks. It plumb got me over concerning myself with other people's racism, politics, religion, opinions or anything else. I saw in that tiny split-second, it aint none of my damn business. He wasn't telling me to be like him.

antoni tapies

If I've got a problem with racism, take care of it in myself. Earlier in the day I watched a video clip of some black guy I'd never seen before with ball cap on sideways, talking hip-hop hip, expressing with hands and fingers rapper style, explaining to his black brothers and sisters, especially the gang-bangers, the need to cut out the gangsta and prison recycle program, come into awareness, because they need to come together as a people. They are being defeated by white racism every day in legislation, in court cases, by police state. I paid attention to everything he said. We've had these kinds of speeches all the way back to Stokely Carmichael, every time some racist indignity comes to the surface. Obama's only apparent attention given the black people of America is telling them in speeches to get up off their asses and get with it. No matter what will be Obama's legacy, my feeling is that having a black president, especially a well educated one, has brought American racism to the surface. Some people seem surprised, like it's a new surge. It's only a surge in that it's come out from the background. It hasn't been popular on tv to be a racist. Television's attempt to be racially sensitive with black people in commercials, black tv shows, black characters in white tv shows, hasn't converted anybody. Television gives the appearance of little to no racism, convincing its devotees, like judge Roberts of the Supremes, the issue of racism is over and solved. LOL. Tell me another good one. He's a republican. He didn't believe that. He knew what he was doing, keeping the African Americans down. A toast with drinks before dinner at the club.

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