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Sunday, May 5, 2013


Upon first split-second sight, seeing this cartoon I saw something like a glyph, pictures that don't need words. The words could only be predictable because the picture says everything. The figures look like a 4-letter word. It doesn't matter who they are, except that who they are adds a new dimension that makes it all the more comic. I see white man in crisis, these the faces he makes in his uncontrollable distress. The part I didn't have the foresight to anticipate is white man in crisis brings out the worst in white man. We have already seen and will go on seeing that white man does not give a shit for democracy. The corporate (white) takeover of our government came just in time for the end of white rule by democracy. Somebody studying Psychology I talked with back in college years told a finding that the craziest member of a household is the one that rules. Looks like it applies among the races as well. White man is showing himself, exposing the American tradition that a boy stops learning after the 6th grade. An entire political party has become collectively insane over being white and having guns, in lock step, parrots squawking the same words over and over.
The best definition of evil I've found, one that bears out, is ignorance. Every caricatured face at the table is the essence of ignorance. Photographs of these people are too. Videos of them worse. It's their ignorance they're famous for. Ignorance becomes vicious fast. The people elected to political position appear to be a pathetic lot. It being so universal, it comes through the tv. Elections now are propaganda contests, one team against the other, like tv sports. This generation of our "representatives" make Dan Quayle look like somebody who could spell. How does somebody like Bachmann, and she's not the only one, get voted into national congress? It's not because the viewing audience wants intelligence. Definitely not that. On television, paradoxically, intelligence looks like ignorance and vice versa. I'm afraid our representatives do, indeed, represent us in the popular zeal to delete democracy and carry on with police state. If you don't do anything wrong, you don't have anything to worry about. How many videos are on youTube of black men arrested for doing nothing wrong? How many black men sentenced for doing nothing wrong? Racism in America is tradition that goes all the way back, the entire country, not just the South, though the South has its own history. I grew up in Kansas City KS in racism the same as in the South. It just wasn't spoken outside your own circles.
Racism I've believed since childhood was retarded. It didn't make a lick of sense to the child I was. For one thing, I was a child driven inward in the same process that makes schizophrenics. But I didn't go that far, that is, so far I couldn't come back. I had a support group that I didn't realize was giving support. Much we take for granted in childhood, the time in our lives when we are taken care of by the adults, given to, instead of sold to. I just now had a mental image of the child I was, in the sea, hanging onto the arms of the adults in my childhood reaching over the side of a boat, giving me their hands and arms. It brought to mind the scene in Life of Pi when the tiger was in the water unable to get in the boat, hanging onto the ropes all night by claws. Suddenly, I want to send a thank you in spirit to every one of the hands extended when I needed them. Come to think of it, this applies all the way through our journey, hands extended to hold onto when a hand is needed. They make a difference. They keep our heads above water when the water gets too deep. They can't pull us out of our own karma, but they can give us a hand until we can get our equilibrium.
Now that I'm seeing the hands that have helped keep my sorry ass on the surface of my own sea of confusion, it's extensive, and I feel a great breadth of gratitude. I pass it on by supporting different ones in my circles who feel the fear of going under and need a hand to hold onto. I've learned I can't help in all cases, so I pay it no mind, just stay open to need that arises of its own, without looking for one or creating one. In turn, when I need a hand, one is nearby, just by the way things flow. It really is just a matter of the flow, being open to the flow, allowing the flow. The image that comes to mind is a length of red silk floating on the current of a mountain stream. Stepped off into the Tao. For me, that is the tao in a fortune cookie, relaxing into the flow, instead of swimming against it, allowing it to carry me like a red sari flowing on the current. Artist Andy Goldsworthy comes to mind. His art IS the flow. Australian Aboriginal art illustrates flow. Like the air, the flow is invisible, can't even be felt. Now I want to ask myself why I let parrot politicians, lapdogs to the rich, muddy up my flow. I let them in of my own accord. Calling them parrots implies I attribute ignorance to them. The republicans have become the party of hate, which goes with the party of stupid, one and the same. Ignorance equals evil. The cartoon at the top looks like Puritan prosecutors condemning a psychic woman. There again, ignorance and evil are one. For myself, I believe it is important to understand the world I live in, to some extent, well enough to get around in it, at least. All scriptures concern learning how to live in this world happily, living well with others. Letting go. Allowing the flow. Giving less attention to those people from the dark side. Don't worry ~ Be happy.      
andy goldsworthy

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