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Monday, February 11, 2013


Last Wednesday at 12, I went by the Head Start office in Sparta for our BROC lunch there. BROC gives Head Start a certain amount of money and buys books for the library, and they give us a lunch once a year and show us what the kids are doing. Our lunch there was scheduled for this coming Wednesday, not last Wednesday. I walked in, no one in sight. I thought that odd. Went to the men's room, came back out into the hallway and there was a woman I recognized associated with the place, but don't know her name. She was looking at me with alarm, not recognizing me. Suddenly, I realized I fit a racial profile, white man. It is white men breaking into schools and shooting up kids and teachers. Seeing her alarm, I identified myself immediately. I had made a mistake. It's next Wednesday. Seeing that I was not there to kill her and the kids, she relaxed, we laughed.


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