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Monday, July 9, 2012


I heard today that a Nigerian football (soccer) squad was publicly called Monkeys in Poland. The Polacks are even the last to learn political correctness. Now we have racism outside America. Africa has what we on our side call reverse-racism. Blacks kill whites in Africa. Outside Africa, whites call blacks Monkeys. Now the entire international television scene is about to endure a long period of political correctness. If Africans called us Oinkers, we'd think it was funny. What white person on earth cares what a black individual thinks of them? In the entire earth, black people are automatically at the bottom of the status hierarchies. When they call white people something, white people don't notice. White people call black people anything and all hell breaks loose. It's not so much the black people making a stink over it as middle class white people who believe their role is enforcing political correctness. The outcome of this conflict about Monkeys or not Monkeys is something ridiculously complex that says white teams can't call black teams monkeys. It would be so much easier if the black African teams would embrace being called Monkeys and call themselves the Flaming Monkeys or something fun. That would take all the racism and render it without meaning. But it's too subtle for so large a number of people to embrace. It's gotta be in conflict or not at all.

For white middle class people that can't let the rest of the people use a word like Monkey without at least the punishment of having the finger of blame wagged in their faces, it will be an issue from now on. Penalties, fines for using the M-word, major attention for every perceived use. He said Monkey! Can't say that word anymore because it's not acceptable to the white middle class. Anybody who might come out and use it openly in public would be informed the word is unacceptable and the person would be shunned for further use. The people of Poland and all over Europe now are being bored out of their minds by political correctness American style in their faces. What? I can't say monkey anymore? No. Bad word. American soccer moms don't approve, don't want their children to hear the word. You can't say Jungle anymore, either. It's rain forest. Jungle tends now to mean the underbelly of American cities, where the people arrested in tv cop shows come from. The N-word and the L-word are already banned from use; now it's the M-word's turn.

It's not intelligence that bans these words. It's a matter of control. One set of people tells another set of people what to do with the authority of having higher paying jobs. As in America with the N-word, the M-word in Europe will go on being used, possibly more than ever before, in reaction to the issue made of it, but only privately with people of the same attitude toward the willful ignorance of political correctness. It makes me laugh that people who adhere to political correctness call themselves liberal or "very liberal." Political correctness is another code for appearance. Memorize the list of words never to be used, go about smug and disapproving, correct everyone caught using a forbidden word or letting their own point of view show, don't ever let anyone get away with enjoying a cigarette. I often wonder how much of the motivation to PC is based in Christendom, Jesus saying tell everybody, go out and be missionaries. As a result, I don't see a lot of Christians with a spiritual path. In the baptist realm, you get saved, baptized, join a church and start browbeating everybody in your life because Jesus said to. Nobody makes an issue of Jews calling non-Jews cattle. Nobody cares. What do Africans care that Polacks call them monkeys? To the Africans, the Polacks are the spitting image of squealing pigs. Polacks don't care, except for the occasional justification.

My entire politically conscious life, from after high school onward, has seen how slow racism is to change. Early on, I cared, it needed doing now. It really did. It's not been solved by now, well over half a century later. I've seen in USA and South Africa major efforts to undo racism. Trying to change it from the top downward is not possible. American and South African racism has simply gone underground because it's not acceptable above ground to the people who make the most noise. In America and South Africa, racism is every bit as prevalent among people as it was before. Only difference is that it's illegal. By law, anyone black is equal to anyone white. In a world run by white people, the black people are still looked down on, because it's nice to have somebody below you on the totem pole of existence. When you're the bottom on the totem pole, the weedeater whacks your face. Best to have somebody else on the bottom. Black people get the bottom. White people keep them there, because the white folks don't want the bottom for themselves. Keepin the N-words down. I can't say I believe there has been a great deal of change where racism is concerned over the last half century. It's gone into denial. People who declare they are not racist tend not to know any black people other than superficially.

The truly non-racist people I've known make no issue of race in their interactions with others. The non-racist people I know are people who have known black people. The only problem I ever have  with black people is when I'm regarded the same as black people's cliche beliefs about white people. I say, Look, I don't hold you to my cliches about black people, please allow me out from under your beliefs about white people. That never works. Fact is, I'm white. The other fact is, they're black. In America, black people wanted integration, marched for it, protested for it, were bit by dogs for it, hit by police sticks and put in jail for it. Oh to be free! Then they got integration and immediately started segregating themselves. Upon legal integration, buried black anger rose to the surface. It was several years of black people spewing anger at white people. In some cases, white people took it, in some cases they didn't. Cops pretty much took care of the white end of the matter. The cops are the circle of wagons around the white ruling class to keep the Indians (N-word) out. The irrational racial hatreds will gradually calm down. As long as humans have egos, we'll have racism.


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