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Saturday, November 5, 2011


     scott freeman, edwin lacy, sandy mason grover, willard gayheart

Another night of Skeeter and the Skidmarks at Willard Gayheart's gallery, The Front Porch, in Woodlawn behind Harmon's on Coulson Church Road. I'd not been there in two months. The inflation following the gas price increase before the most recent one, it and the most recent gas price increase on top of that has reduced measurably what my modest income can handle. This is how the banks bilked so many people of tremendous amounts of money, rendering the money valueless when shares of stock had the value of Confederate money. I see I will have to go the Friday after Thanksgiving to hear the VW Boys and then first Friday of December, Jeanette Williams and Johnny Williams. Those are two major bluegrass shows, people who play for good money, playing at the Front Porch for what came in from admission at $5 each, gas money.

It felt extra good to be back with my friends there. Regular audience members welcomed me back enthusiastically. I was grateful to Scott for calling me this morning to urge me in that direction. It was like returning home after being away awhile. Minnie the white cat remembered me and welcomed my hand around her ears, on top of her head, under her chin. Nobody ever pets her. That's why she remembers me. They say she has a mean disposition, but I've never seen it. That doesn't mean it's not there. It only means I haven't seen it. She's all white, but she has a head like Caterpillar's, same length of fur, meaning Minnie is predominantly Maine Coon, which means she has a peculiar nature. They have a limited tolerance for being held, made over and petted. They like it for a certain amount of time, particular to each cat, and when they've had enough, they bite your hand. Caterpillar won't bite my hand because I've never hurt her intentionally. I've kicked her in the night walking, but that was done without intent and apologized for. When Caterpillar has had enough of being petted, she'll touch my hand with the tips of her teeth, her signal that it's time to stop, because next time might hurt. From knowing Caterpillar, I notice when the ill ease begins and when I get the signal from Minnie she's about had enough, I stop and she relaxes.

The music was Skeeter and the Skidmarks. Sure enough. The spirit of the Skidmarks was there. They made their signature music, the sound of the Skidmarks. They played songs from their two Skeeter and the Skidmarks albums. Every show they play their songs in a little bit different way. They had a relaxed flow in their music this time. I felt like their playing of Silver Dew On The Bluegrass Tonight had a flow in it that made it the best performance of the song I've heard them do. And they did Bill Monroe's Kentucky Waltz so beautifully it was like hearing the song the first time. And they did Yellow Rose of Texas in a way slightly different from other ways they've played it, each performance uniquely itself. This one had a good flow in the rhythm of it too. This is the 4th, maybe the 5th time I've heard them live, plus several times on cd in the house and cassette in the car. Every time I hear them play their songs, the rhythmic approach to every song flows with the energy they're feeling that particular evening. Sometimes it is a powerhouse of energy playing the songs with an aggressive approach. This show was more like a jam. More melodic rhythm than drive. As usual, Skeeter and the Skidmarks at their best. This show had its own character, like each of their shows its own. It felt like home within hearing them again.


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