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Friday, September 9, 2011


saturn eclipsing the sun

To fear and dehumanize alien Others,
to ruthlessly hunt them down,
is truly American.
                --Carroll Smith-Rosenberg,
                           This Violent Empire 

Not listening to much news the last few days. So tired of hearing 911 sentimentalized by the media. It's like the weeks before Christmas when I get so tired of Christmas music I stop listening to radio. I don't believe the official 911 report. A real investigation was not allowed. The same as prosecution of war criminals W, Cheney, Rummy and Rice (sounds like a law firm) is not allowed. The very worst administration we've ever had, far and away the most dangerous to our own country, let alone the poor and defenseless countries of the world. The Patriot Act came out of nowhere, written out in hundreds of pages of detail, published into book form and ready to go, written over a long period of time, the constitution of the police state. It was ready for the occasion. Suddenly there it is, Congressmen and Senators threatened into approving it, literally overnight, without a chance for a staff speed-reader to flip through it. Nobody is going to come along and undo it, so we have it from here on as law. We have a popular police state.

The first days after 911, the whole world was loving America, and Americans were loving each other. But that wasn't the purpose. The purpose was for the right wing to control with Fear. Use Fear to move the collective population another step, in this case giant step, to the right. So we get Fear in color codes, Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid, Be Really Afraid, Be Scared Shitless. We'd get these official announcements of the degree of Fear we should be feeling for the day. It's about control. The corporate media swallowed the hook, as they were instructed by their bosses in the corporate hierarchy and all our press became official government-approved. Rupert Murcoch bought the Village Voice and shut up one of the few remaining voices of freedom. I don't like to use that word, freedom, because the scoundrels use it so much for smoke screen, it has become meaningless.

It also came at a convenient time to take over the oil wealth of a defenseless country, a pre-emptive strike. What can a defenseless country do to the biggest mega-power the world has ever seen? A push-over. They will celebrate our arrival called "Iraqi Freedom." Yeah, 10 years, the longest war in American History again, this time against the Iraqi people so defenseless they blow themselves up to get a few of our boys or collaborators. And they get the blame. They're called terrorists. And the invaders are called Freedom Fighters. For freedom they annihilated one of the most important collections of artifacts of the Babylonian period, made no provision. When it was brought to their attention, So what's the big deal? Bombs from the sky to blow up apartment buildings full of people are ok. Collateral damage? No problem. They're all towel-heads, so what are you, a sand-nigger lover? When Saddam was acting like an African dictator the Iraqi people suffered. Nobody came to their aid. They've been so much worse off since Iraqi Liberation, they look to the Saddam years as better, because they were.

911 happens and, again, plans that had been in the making for a long time, appeared out of nowhere, again overnight, and for no apparent reason but oil, Iraq the crust on top of an undergound sea of oil, they declare revenge war on a country having nothing to do with the 911 occasion. Didn't need a reason, propaganda drowning out what little public questioning arose. Has everyone forgotten that Bin Laden worked for the CIA? Didn't anyone notice the 3rd building to implode that day, the day of falling buildings? It wasn't hit by a plane. Why did it fall? That question was out of order. You don't ask questions like that. It was a CIA building. They were moving their headquarters to another building. They were finished with that old one and chose the time to implode it. I wonder how they knew to schedule it for that day when it could be done and nobody would ask why or how. People were inside it too. Collateral damage. Oh well. It fell the same way as the towers, imploded by placed explosives. In the case of the towers, an explosive was used that only CIA has access to. That part is not a secret. An awful lot of people know it. Don't ask, don't tell.

Feeling a mild bitterness over all the corporate media reminder that we must take this occasion of the 10th anniversary to be Really Very Afraid, reminding us we're not in control, we're under control, I turn the radio news off. To get through this time of everyday reminders that Big Brother has everything under control, in the words of the late grate Alexander Haig (sounds like a name for designer jeans), I remind myself the real issue really is with the survivors and families of ones gone on. They are all the surviving victims of the corporate takeover of our government. Collateral damage. We can't undo the event, but we can comfort the survivors. No matter where the blame is placed for the implosion of the WTC towers, what's done is done. The same as losing family and friends in a tornado. Gone is gone. Survivors need comforting. It was a tremendous political quake that hit their homes. I'm all with celebrating 911 by embracing the survivors. All of them were blind-sided by indifference. That's hard to take.

A memory of a time in the Navy surfaced, when the ship was sent to patrol the harbor at Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, another helpless country, with orders to blow the hell out of a residential district of the city Santo Domingo when given the order. Purported communists were having meetings someplace. I couldn't help but think I don't have a problem with the people of Santo Domingo. I don't like the idea of being a part of a war machine, a floating death star, ready and anxious to do some faceless killing in the name of my country, absolving me of sin. Even though I signed the line, it was duress. When the Intelligence officer on the ship referred to the people in the city as the "enemy," I thought, You're my enemy, not them.

I tell myself to think of it as an earthquake. A real investigation will never be allowed, unless it's too late to produce evidence. Anybody who doesn't believe the official dismissal is called a conspiracy theorist and thereby dismissed. I don't care. I was called a nigger-lover in the Navy, because I didn't have any problem with the black guys. I can't turn my nose up at people for being a different race from mine. It never computed with me. The people I knew who were racists showed me no character traits I envied. If siding with Democracy and declaring all people equal makes me a Liberal, ok. Whatever.


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