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Monday, July 11, 2011


Heard Obama's press conference talk this morning. As I recall, we've had three quite intelligent democrat presidents, Carter, Clinton, Obama, who were rendered ineffective by organized ignorance. Ignorance trumps intelligence every time. This is the foundation of the strategies of the Reagan Revolution kept in motion by Gingrich and Rove, the master propagandists. Trump intelligence with ignorance and win. Winning is what it's about for them. They have nothing to offer but rant and racism. No niggers allowed. They throw in an Uncle Tom from time to time for a token to back up we're-not-racists. They make me ashamed of my race, the arrogance of their whiteness. I can't help but see the republican party now as anything but white man's last stand. White man is desperate, and white man will do anything. White man looks at all other races as inferior, hardly even with a soul. White man controls the greatest arsenal and military might the world has ever known. Colored people get to acting like they think they're somebody, here come the attack helicopters and drones.

I've heard a good bit of talk over the last few weeks about American census results for the present moment, two different accounts. One was that the white race is now half the population and the races of color are now half the population. That's all black people and Latin people, Asians, everybody not spic & span. We've had laws enforcing anti-racism over most of my lifetime, but the laws apply to little more than federal and state jobs. The South gets the finger pointed at it for racism, but when the finger is pointed, three fingers point back to the one pointing. Racism is throughout the USA, much of it in denial. There is a large number of non-racist whites, a large percentage, but they get labeled liberals who send money to the ACLU, laughed at, derided out of the picture. Nerds in a world that supports bullies. Clinton's fall came as a result of not believing the repubs could be so treasonously venal. Had nothing to do with Monica. How could it, when at the same time the prosecutor, Newt Gingrich, was divorcing his wife, who was dying of cancer in an Atlanta hospital, to marry a DC nordic hottie. That was hush-hush, don't talk about it.

The other story I heard about the census, it is now that the Hispanic population is the same as white. That one I don't believe. It didn't come from the most reliable of sources. As I heard it on NPR, it was that all the races together now are an equal number to whites. The repubs have been trying to shut NPR down since Reagan times and by now have come awfully close to eliminating it, may yet. As one who has listened to NPR for 30 years, I'm here to tell you, they are not liberal. Of course, a balanced outlook is equal to liberal in this time of Gingrich/Rove propaganda via Limbaugh in America. The racists have targeted every little bit of help given to a poor black person by government (white people's tax dollars). By now they have eliminated over the last 30 years every bit of help for poor black people, and now are working to eliminate any help for poor white people. They want to take every benefit from the poor here and use the money in military might to kill the poor in defenseless countries. This is why I have no problem calling them treasonous. The only difficulty about using that word is breaking through denial.

I know it's against the rules to tell it as I see it, but this is my space to do just that. Yes, I'm contrary to ignoring what I see in the world I live in. I don't care if you think differently. Of course you think differently. You are not me. I am not you. How can I care with any legitimacy? I don't like what I see since Reagan times, the strategy of divide and conquer. With the influence of Porky Pig Limbaugh who rallies the bottom 30% (white men) around ignorance, I see them marching us consciously toward civil war. First, it is necessary to separate the ruling class from the peasants, set the peasants at odds with each other to keep them preoccupied so they miss what is going on behind closed doors, set the whites against all the other races and clean house, make America white as its denial self-image, be rid of liberals too. Goal: police state without opposition, a ring of wagons around the white rich, fighting off the savage peasants of color, putting them in prison with mandatory sentencing, as unAmerican a policy as the "patriot act." Just using the word patriot on it tells me the name is a smokescreen for the contents aimed at shutting down our American freedoms with no opposition.

This is why I call myself an anti-republican. At the same time, I see it as Ralph Nader explained his absence of remorse for throwing the election to the repubs in 2000. He said (in different words) we're on track to self-destruction as a government. The republicans will get us there faster than the democrats. We inevitably will get there, because the momentum is so powerful there's no reversing the direction. It has to break all the way down before it can start up again. As Nader sees it, we'd just as well get there as fast as we can, so we can begin reconstruction as soon as we can, get it behind us, at least have a chance to learn from the fall of the American Empire. In the Nader way of seeing, I cheer the repubs on. But from the standpoint of a working class white rural non-racist in the now, I would really like to see our government operate the way we were told in school, which obviously is unrealistic, because cliches of America the beautiful and free are broken down every day by venality that could put a rhino on its knees.

I lost hope for our government to function to the benefit of the American people in 1968 when Lyndon Johnson, a republican democrat like Joe Lieberman, told the American press at a press conference to tell the lie according to government policy of what happened at the march on Washington over VietNam. I was there. I saw it. I read next day in NYTimes, Washington Post, AP, Newsweek and Time the same story, none of which happened. Village Voice I subscribed to at the time told it like Johnson told it at the press conference and told what happened at the event accurately. Since then, Rupert Murdoch shut down the Village Voice as an organ of free press by buying it. I haven't heard the word progress used since Reagan. Up until Reagan, the word was progress. Everything and everybody was for progress. The light of hope went out in America in the time of the Reagan Junta. The statue of liberty is a joke now---send us your poor. LOL. Keep your poor to yourself. Our prisons are full.


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