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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


found art: minimalist sculpture factory made by anonymous

The State of North Carolina is using the Department Of Transportation budget to fund roadside art for the cultural value of having public art everywhere for North Carolinians. All over the county, modern art is being installed on the roadsides, more every year. It's the creation of a minimalist sculptor known as Anonymous, exactly reproduced in factories and firmly installed by road crews for permanent display. They are so well set in the ground that cars and trucks bounce off of them. Dents they leave in the sculpture are like wrinkles on a face; they show a life lived. White light reflecters are placed regularly along the sculptures, decorative lights powered by your headlights. Green energy. Yellow reflecters down the middle of the highway and along the sides make driving our highways at night an artistic light show, reminiscent of the tunnels in West Virginia on I-77 with white fluorescent bulbs end-to-end overhead along its length. How fortunate we are to live in a state that values our aesthetic sense.


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  1. Love it! Simply by observing, you have created a world of art that already existed but which others did not see for lack of looking. Simple, yet brilliant! I hope your work inspires others to help expand this vast outdoor gallery! - RC