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Saturday, June 11, 2011


dori freeman

scott freeman

scott freeman and dori freeman

brandon davis

bryan mcdowell and brandon davis

Another Friday night of good live music at the Front Porch Gallery in Woodlawn, Virginia. Dori Freeman started the show singing three songs. Her stage presence is becoming more assured with some experience performing shows as a result of her recent project, the new word for album or cd, called PORCHLIGHT. The people who go to the Front Porch every week, quite a number by now, embarrass Dori by praising her so highly when she sings.  She's a good bit introverted, making it not so easy for her to take being publicly praised, or praised at all. She's a talented young woman who sings beautifully, writes a good song, writes a good short story, and plays a Henderson guitar. Scott accompanied her and sang harmony.

Bryan McDowell and Brandon Davis took the stage with two guitars. They are pickers who make their guitars sing. Both play lead, both play rhythm. They play lead and rhythm back and forth seamlessly. Both are master guitar pickers. Bryan McDowell played virtuoso mandolin and fiddle as well as guitar. He played some clawhammer banjo too. They played tight together. They flowed together making foot-tapping music of continuously articulate picking. It was beautiful to listen to with an amazing edge. The crowd was enthusiastic with applause for each song and a stand-up at the end. They played traditional songs like Cattle In The Cane and Billy In The Lowground, mixed with a jazz tune by George Benson. There were moments I was hearing jazz guitarist Charlie Byrd. Not that they did it intentionally, just the nature of advancing the music with acoustic guitars. They kept the music flowing.

A man speaking to Willard after the show said, 'Where else can you hear something like this for five dollars?' 

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