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Monday, May 9, 2011


by mark rothko

This evening I sat for 2 hours and watched a documentary by Alex Gibney called Client-9. It was the story of the New York attorney general power tripping, prosecuting Wall St people for greed. He puts himself on the hot plate going up against the big dogs of Wall St, even threatening them and prosecuting some. He was something of a bulldog prosecutor, who appeared to me to get carried away with his successes that tapped the arrogance already in him. By the end, he saw his power wane to nothing when the big dogs got through with him, people who know people who know people who know people. Money really is power. Eliot Spitzer was the one carried away with his own power. A weakness rose to the surface, expensive pussy on the side, and his flying carpet ran out of gas.

Greed and sex appeared to be the themes of the film, while the one I saw in operation was an arrogance as carried away with itself as the greed he thought he was patrolling. He got some really good lessons in humility. They were probably so shocking to him he never noticed. As governor of NY, he appeared to me over the top on the arrogance scale. The most interesting part, the part that makes the story, he planted his own seed of destruction. He called the "service" of his own volition for a site he found or was told about on the internet, probably told about. It appeared to be at a time in his life when he was so expected of that he needed a couple hours outside his life. My first thought when he was getting in touch by cell phone, he needed breathing space. What better way to settle one's nerves than to be pampered sexually. Like one of the people said at the end of the film, if this had been in France, it wouldn't have been a story.

It's not in France, however, it's in the USofA where denial rules everywhere, especially in politics. Seeing Spitzer's ordeal from my own perspective instead of American corporate pop press perspective, all I can see is the man had become so pressured by expectations from all aspects of his life, he needed to get out of his head for at least a few minutes from time to time. It's perfectly human. The phone call to the "agency" was the valve on his inner pressure cooker. Letting off steam. I know, his wife, his family.... They were part of the pressure cooker of expectations too. The big dogs had private investigators following him, looking for something, and this was what they found. It had nothing to do with moralism or his wife or anything else. It's the story of an ankle biter challenging the big dogs and they whupped his aiss. They found his pressure release valve.

This business of framing somebody or putting them out of power using sex is American as jazz. I don't know if there is another country in the world as freaked out over sex as the USA. It's a political gaming device that works and has worked predictably in American politics. When Newt Gingrich was tied up in assassinating Bill Clinton's character, making him testify to sex act, Gingrich was in process of divorcing his wife dying of cancer in an Atlanta hospital and having an affair with a high maintenance DC babe. It's all about power. Those with minimal power best not be biting the ankles of big dogs, because they don't like it.


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