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Sunday, December 12, 2010



Going by weather forecasts, today is the lull before the storm. We had 3 inches of snow yesterday, then it began to melt today when the temperature rose to high 30s, made it slightly slushy. I went out when the sun had raised the temperature inside the car to be a little warmer than outside with a small bottle of vinegar and 3 sheets of paper towel. I soaked the paper towel with vinegar and rubbed it on all the windows. This is to keep ice from forming on the glass. The snow just brushes off when the glass is treated with vinegar. The vinegar also cleans the glass immaculately. Forecast for the night and the next few days is very cold and lots of snow, whatever that means. Winter.

I like having this snow. Can't help but remember it was less than a month ago my spring was dry, which told me the water table is on its way down from drought, the dearth of deciduous tree roots (the kind that lose leaves in winter) that draw the water table upward, and a plethora of wells drawing from the water table by people of a society that wastes water casually. The American passion for wasting anything in fair abundance made the Carolina parakeet extinct in short order because they were colorful birds, easy targets. The buffalo were killed out to near extinction, like the human inhabitants of the continent for many thousands of years. That's how we do things here. That's why we're Number One. We waste our resources in a time of plenty. I can't say the USA has a very bright future. Since the corporate takeover of our government half a century ago, we've been on a downhill run. Our constitution is extinct, the supreme court partisan, and government decisions are made to the benefit of the corporations allowing them to bleed us further like an extended vampire story.

I used to think Obama was a republican in sheep's clothing, but it turns out he's just a plain republican. Now that he's in office, all the talk about democracy has proved to be as substantial as anything a politician says. He talks a good line. My antennae went up when he became the new political correctness issue during the campaign. He's turning out something like all other political correctness commandments, hollow, without meaning, something bland to have a cause about. Like among the white middle class it's Native American. The Native Americans are Indians and have been Indians since 1492. They call themselves Indians and laugh at Native American. But in white middle class company you'd better not say Indian. You'll be corrected and/or regarded non-PC, a rube.

It's almost as much a PC sin to say Indian as to let fall the scary N-word. It was like that when Obama was running. If you weren't ecstatic for Obama, your cool quotient was up for reevaluation. Anymore, I don't know what to do or say when a new acquaintance starts talking PC and correcting me for not saying what I'm supposed to say. That's when I start breaking every PC law I can think of, a way of saying, Don't mistake me for being of that mind. Then they don't like me anymore and I'm glad. It keeps them away of their own volition so I don't have to avoid them.

Some years ago I saw an old boy parked in a post office parking space, a rough looking old Mercedes, rough looking as he was emerging from the post office door. On the bumper was a sticker announcing he is not PC. I said something to him about it and his back went up on the defense. His hearing impaired by all the hair growing in his ears, he interpreted that I was making a smart crack critical of him, so I had to explain my meaning, wishing I'd kept my mouth shut. I thought, There am I in the not so far future. The old curmudgeon turd that doesn't do like he's supposed to and thinks he's a rebel. Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow. Paint the mountains. Slow everything and everybody down, give us a break, time at home to play video games instead of going to school, and watch tv instead of going to work. Everybody can talk politically correctly on cell phones and look at pornography on the computer all day long and deny it. Aint freedom great.


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