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Monday, September 6, 2010



Took R0scoe on a walk through the woods again today. He's still not sure what we're doing. He's only a few months old and this his 3rd day in captivity. This is going to be a loyal dog. He stays close to my feet, wants to be where I am. I believe he's going to be an alpha dog too. When the time is here he'll be a eunuch, like in the Bible. This way I won't have to take him to the vet to get wounds from fights sewed up, and he won't be rambling to Pine Swamp and Whitehead to find a bitch in heat to impregnate. Neutered dogs make the best pets, and I'm not raising a hunting dog or a fighting dog. I'm raising a peaceful dog that doesn't threaten unless he's protecting home. The cats need a protector. The outdoors has become dangerous for them due to dogs. Roscoe will take to the cats.

He's learning really fast today. He's paying close attention now. When he learns my language in phrases, we'll have good communication going. He taught me right off that he responds instantly to a barking tone of voice. By today he's learned that the sounds I make have meaning. A sharp Stop It and he's done. Pushing him down when he jumps on me becomes play and he keeps on trying to get past my hands. I holler Stop It and it's over instantly. Mama taught him well. By today he's learned less commanding sounds for stop it down to a grunt that he gets. He looks at me now for approval or disapproval. He's paying attention. I'll be able to train him easily. He wants to please with all his heart. I'm grateful I learned so soon that a simple bark is all he needs to get him to stop whatever it is. The difference between yesterday and today in his obedience is remarkable.

I don't know that I've ever had a dog this young to start out. I'll forever see the video in my mind of what I saw in the rearview mirror alerted by the barking and yipping, puppy running with all its might, feet flying, ears flapping like wings, desperation and determination in his eyes. It was funny to see and at once heart rending. Of course, I stopped. Puppy went crazy all around my feet. I've been waiting for a dog to come to me. Running its heart out after me when I drive by is a pretty fair indicator to me the dog wanted me to take it home. It was just the next car to pass by, not that I in particular was in it. Nonetheless, I had the feeling that goes with finding my dog, this is my dog. By now, there's no parting us.

Allan next door said he found 5 of them at the bottom of the back road and took some food to them. He went to facebook telling about them. It turns out 2 of them found a home in one house up here at Air Bellows and the remaining 2 another home. It's become a case of whoever put them out was doing the right thing while appearing to do the wrong thing. I'll be grateful for the rest of my life and I would suppose the people who took in the others will be happy with their dogs. I can see in Roscoe already he's going to be a good dog. He's already my dog. He was my dog when I put him in the car. Tomorrow I get a halter and a leash. I need to teach him to get used to a leash. If I want to take him places with me, like to town for a round trip, or to the vet, or anywhere in our human centric world. I don't like to control them with a collar because it chokes them into submission. With a halter, I can take charge with one hand and not have to choke him down. He'll hate it at first, but will get used to it. It's part of living in civilization.

I didn't train Aster when she was young and it was impossible to hold her on a leash after she was several years old. I've learned a fair amount about dog behavior living with 3 dogs along the way. My pet cemetery grows, as does my understanding of dogs. By now I understand puppies need training. Not training by hitting and scolding, but rewarding what pleases me and barking like mama dog when he doesn't please me. Having his attention is all I need to teach him what a dog needs to know to live here. Numero uno: leave the cats alone. From there, the cats being part of home, he'll protect them with the same zeal as protecting me and the house. They will get used to him gradually. I won't push them. They will take care of it in their own time. Bringing a puppy dog in on 2 old cats will be an adventure for all concerned.

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