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Sunday, September 19, 2010


fallen tree

Nothing comes forward today. Been sitting here waiting for so long there's nothing to do but shut down and read. Spent most of the day in bed. Wake from a nap, take another, wake from it, take another. This has been such a busy week I've got little of my own work done. Go here and there, meet here and there, something every day. None of it objectionable, just that there's so much of it. Every day. Today, Sunday, was shut-down day. I didn't do anything today. A few emails and that was it. The only thing my mind is doing today is looking for the composition of the next painting, the size I want to use, setting the figure in the frame in a way that makes an interesting picture no matter who the figure is. Of course, it's about who the figure is, but if there comes a time it turns up at the Hillville flea market, I want it not to matter who it is, for the picture itself to have its own value.

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