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Monday, May 10, 2010


image borrowed from amazon

If I had known before that Cormac McCarthy wrote this story, I'd have seen it months ago. That's all right. I saw it today. Wild damn movie. It's one of those films that gives American movies a good name. Basically, it's a men with guns chasing men with guns movie, but there's nothing cheap about it. That's not all that was going on. If blood squirting out of people's necks freaks you out, it's best to pass it by. It keeps the tension going of a thriller, which it is, but it's not a cheap thriller like kidnapping and torturing cheerleaders. It's a thriller of the mind, the story of a guy who jumped off the deep end and went to the bottom. He is a kind of everyman faced with a situation of what-would-you-do-if. It was like the guy said from behind prison bars at the end of the movie, Blow, "My ambition far exceeded my talent."


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  1. Thanks TJ, for the recomendation. I can't wait to see No Country for Old Men. I'll bet it it will be as good as you say. Meila