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Wednesday, December 2, 2015


air bellows in the fog
Last trip to doctor's office, I went to the window to check in before taking a seat in the waiting room. A white-haired white flatlander couple in chairs immediately to my right, I took them for about my age, the woman spoke to a local man older than me sitting directly across the room from her, "Were you in the service?" He affirmed he had been. She said, "Thank you for your service." I thought: Barf! A Fake news enthusiast. My immediate dread was she might ask me the same question. Thought I'd answer I was a draft dodger like Dick Cheney, W Bush and Rummy, but, again, thought better of it: if you don't want it started, don't start it. I acted like I heard nothing, preoccupied with the pretty girl at the window, Winter, whose brother and parents I knew, all of them recently dead, a girl I applaud with all my heart for getting on so well with her life. I about break into tears when I see her, though for Fake news woman I wanted to appear flirtatious so she'd judge me a rake, insurance she'd leave me alone. No television in the waiting room set on the Fake channel, I did not want her focusing her boredom on me. 
In today's news another mass shooting, this one in San Bernardino at a Social Services office where the purpose is to help the poor. I saw that Bill Moyers posted a statistic this was the second such shooting today in America. This year, 2015, has already produced more mass shootings than days into the year, 355. The 355th day is two weeks yet to be. Every time it happens, every day, big surprise in the news. The shooters fit an obvious pattern, white, right-wing racist republican-minded Christian enthusiasts of Fake news, Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh, and the host of hate-television, -radio, -internet, -print of a purpose to divide and conquer. It works for them. They have conquered the entire media to the point the 355th shooting this year is a surprise to all corporate tv networks. Oh look, somebody did it again. How did that happen? Buy a new Cadillac, now. Pizza with lots and lotsa cheeZ. Over the last 35 years of watching the increase in hateful attitudes inspired by Fake news, hate-radio and hate-religion, I've come to the place best for me is at home with silence.
I used to be disposed toward my peers and people older, but so many white men and women my age and older have poisoned their minds by their own potential for hate brought to the surface, the flames fanned by the corporate billionaires to divide and conquer We The People, the haters included, and render us powerless while they make all the legislation against us, take all our money and resources. Who would ever think greed could bleed out an entire population and land mass? Maybe this is why it is listed as one of the deadly sins. Greed has shown itself to be deadly to American Democracy, the American government and the American people. Even a devotee to Fake news sees it, but they've been told from the news desk greed is good, and they're good Americans, they believe what they're told. I have actually heard with my own ears someone say, "I know that for a fact. I heard it on television." 
In town at the library Monday, picking up art objects from show, standing in front of the display in the glass case of somebody's collection of Star Wars toys, Doug at the desk, we spoke of our appreciation of the Star Wars movies and looking forward to the new one. Our brief conversation segued somehow into him saying he's not seen hate in the air like it is now in his lifetime. I said I've never seen such in my lifetime, either, double his. We came to it must have been something like this in the time leading up to the War Between the States. I mentioned to him I have recently come to see we may be in a civil war. Terrorism is the nature of war now. We have every day occurrences of terrorism from white right-wing racist Christians having convulsions inspired by propaganda from Fake news and Rush Limbaugh, now Carly Fiorina and the whole clown bus, who publicly side with the shooters. They, in their minds, are at war with the rest of us. And we still don't get it.  

photos by tj worthington

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