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Friday, October 9, 2015


cat interacts
It used to annoy me somewhat when a bug would crawl on the screen while I'm watching a movie. I've trained self not to let it bother me, like kids in African poverty news footage with flies walking on them. It's a nuisance, because my eye follows the bug, even against my will. This evening I was watching a film by Tim Robbins, Embedded, a satire of the Iraq war, a stage production, filmed on stage before an audience in NY during its run. I'm not recommending it, though it wasn't bad. The difficulty for satire in this time is the politicians are satires of themselves already. My jukebox sits under the flatscreen attached to the wall. Jukebox is flat on top with buttons to push for everything. In the course of internal investigations, Sophia the curious kitten discovered a good platform to lie down on, sit on, use for a bridge from one place to another. Woke from a nap this afternoon with punk band, Bask, playing in the other room.
cat  says wha?
I fell asleep listening to the news on NPR. When it takes longer to fall asleep than I want it to, I turn on the news and it puts me right out. I woke with two women talking on the radio beside the bed and Bask playing in the background. I was wondering what the people in the studio were doing, wondered how they got ahold of a Bask cd. It worked really well. It worked so well I took it for intent for quite awhile as I lay there in semi-stupor from waking, hearing without listening at first to something so interestingly unusual. The subject and the people talking changed, and the background music remained the same. I realized cat paws had walked across the top of the jukebox and stepped on the CD button. I turned the radio off and let Bask play. Later, watching the film, Sophia took an interest in the flickering visuals with human faces.
cat-sized humans
I wanted to get some photos of her in silhouette against the visuals on the screen, but would have to get up to reach the camera. I sat awhile apprehensive that if I move she will be distracted and the show will be over. Decided to chance it. I slowly crept to the camera like it was nothing of interest to a cat. I sat down, set camera ready and she continued to play. Memories in my head of annoyance when a fly walked on the screen. Now a cat is playing in front of it and I'm liking cat with the screen so much I'm taking pictures. Kitten energy is gradually exploring every little corner in the house. I let her explore, encourage exploration. It is in her like purring. She does her exploring largely when I'm gone or sleeping. When I'm at home, kitten wants to be in the room I'm in. This is why she doesn't seem to miss me when I'm gone. She was busy exploring. Entering the door, she's never in sight, and soon emerges from a hidden space she'd found to curl up in.
curiosity killed the cat
satisfaction brought it back
I don't need to tell her not to get on things. She will when I'm not here, so I let her while with her. She's learning her living space. So what if she turned on a cd. I imagine her thinking, I didn't do nothing.  Cat was just walking across a bridge from one place to another. Sophia is at home now. I doubt sitting in front of the screen is something she will do much more. Cats don't do things over and over like humans. Once a cat has done something it's over. She is so much better today about staying off the keyboard, she acts like it's of no interest to her anymore. It still is, but she's exercising self-control. She's getting there. I realize this is high speed learning time and want her to know her home well, follow her cat curiosity. This moment, her head is snuggled into the crook of my left arm, her body on the smooth glass desktop. She is twitching from sound sleep. I'm glad she likes to be with me. I like knowing where she is, looking at her, touching her. Teaching her to trust me is foremost in my priorities with new kitten. She already trusts me, so we have a good foundation. When she learns she can trust me, she will want me to be able to trust her. From there on, we communicate by understanding one another.
human hands in motion

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