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Saturday, September 6, 2014


georgia o'keefe

This time we're in has my head spinning. On the one hand, it's endlessly interesting; on the other, it puts me to sleep. I think I'm past getting mad about any of it or any of the players until I see a picture of Anthony Scalia and Clarence Thomas, two obvious frauds with conscious fraudulent intent, their treason of the heart very well paid for. Gotta give it to them, they get away with it right out in the open, even Thomas, a black man in America. American black men are afraid for their lives when they see a cop, though he's not. The cops know he's the shoeshine boy for the corporate Mastas. He's a living oxymoron, the republican Negro, the black Sarah Palin with an intelligent adviser who doesn't allow him to talk. He's doing what the East Indian governor of Louisiana, Jindal, says minorities should do, act like white people. Jindal gave it his best; it only made a fool of him, same as it did for Thomas. Thomas sold his soul for white privilege. I mean soul as the core of one's life as well as the soul in soul brother and soul music. Of course, I can see he was put in place at serious cost to the American people, with such intent, to be instrumental in the court toward systematically dismantling democracy. Another way of saying they're pulling the rug out from under us. It's like one of those sleight-of-hand stage tricks pulling the tablecloth out from under the place settings and all else on the table, everything staying in place. I see this going on in my country, and it only one of a vast web of take-over that is already accomplished. This is what I see the W meant under the Mission Accomplished banner. It makes me ashamed that the American people gave away democracy without even noticing. Off in a corner a minuscule minority preferred otherwise, but they don't matter. They don't watch tv; they're not plugged in to the to propaganda of mis- and disinformation. They read books. What do they know? Some of them believe in evolution too. 

georgia o'keefe

I tell myself it didn't used to be like every politician was a functional moron, a bought robot. Along the way, I have grown into maturity, and see them now from a point of view older than they are. If I were to start naming names, the list would never end, of people in our government with a void inside their heads. In my earlier years, they appeared to be more or less intelligent adults who could figure out how to get on a subway in NY the first time. Dan Quayle came on the scene with Bush One, intellectual equals, and seemed like the first really dumb ones. Then I look back to Reagan, the voice of Death Valley Days, as vague between the ears as W himself. Nixon before him. Law and Order Nixon. Survivor of Joe McCarthy's henchmen who unleashed super-psychotic madness, the Rush Limbaugh and Ted Cruz of their time. I'm glad I was a kid then. People I knew later who were adults in that time of a conscientious mind were enraged by the terror Joe McCarthy was. I don't often applaud anyone's prison sentence, but this ex-governor of Virginia sentenced to seventeen years for his conscious fraud gave me a good feeling. I want not to care, but when I see such fraud everywhere, out in the open and proud of it, then one actually meets with justice, it feels good in the heart. Albeit, knowing at the same time his lawyer will appeal, get another judge and come out of it with no time to serve, or maybe a couple years at tennis camp. They won't tell that one to the news. He was merely meat thrown to the dogs, the dogs hungry for justice. Here's one, now get back to yer holes. Then I feel stupid for being taken in by yet another propaganda sleight-of-hand. I look at the ceiling, close my eyes and say to self, Don't give it so much attention. Don't let it clench your heart. When you feel heart's attachment clinging, it's time to let it go, so let it go. Let the feeling of my heart clinging to something I can do nothing about go, like a puff of cigarette smoke in the wind. I can't let fraudulent people have such power over me to influence me to grip my own heart with the claws of false concern. I can't see a picture of Karl Rove without feeling the clench in my heart.

georgia o'keefe

It means I am giving them, the people who put a crimp in my heart, power over me. They keep me a spectator at the mental game directed by propaganda, someone snared to play their illusory drama to. I play audience to a drama that is smokescreen, deception its purpose. I fall for the game and become a mental player. I've been entertaining what to me is a serious question, though at the same time not, for the last few years. I think of joining the half of the American people that vote no confidence by not voting. I do not believe in "the system." By system I mean what Hilary Clinton said to a young black man before a tv camera, "Get with the system and you'll be all right." She meant it. She is a system woman. She climbed the system's ladder from ambitious college student to woman taken seriously around the world. Such counsel to a young black man in a photo-op, dismissing the world of racism the kid lived in since a baby with a veil of denial, dismissed Hilary from my interest. This phony photo-op and her vote of support for the fraudulent Iraq invasion dismissed her from my field of attention. As it turns out, it is the System, itself, I don't believe and don't want to participate in. The whole system of looking like tv news anchormen and women, the system they are modeled on, the system they appeal to, the system that tells me I have to make more money so I can feed the money pipeline to the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, the Swiss banks our economy is being diverted through. I've seen someplace in the last few days the multi-billionaires are talking about the rest of us coming after them with pitchforks. I'm all for that. Worthington coat of arms has three pitchforks. Rebel yell. I can operate a pitchfork. I remember KISS Army from the late 1970s, a marketing slogan: Keep It Short and Simple. Now we have Pitchfork Army. I looked it up on google to see if it had been used yet politically. No. Seems like something Occupy would do. I'm not so sure the activists really want to identify with the proles. 

georgia o'keefe

It feels almost immoral not to vote. It feels fooled to the same degree to vote. The Supremes made it clear to us in the year 2000, out in the open, in-yer-face, democracy is over, and gave our government to the mega-billionaires for so cheap it ought to be embarrassing. It's in the adoration of the rich that our "representatives" represent us. It is this tragic flaw in the American character that changed our course from one of Progress to the international corporations pipelining our economy to tax-free numbered bank accounts outside the country, taking our tax base with them. And they continue to rule us by owning our "representatives." I don't believe in voting by way of duty. I vote because I want to. No one I vote for ever wins as I'm in a 75% right wing county and state, but I vote as a way of saying with my one digit, I want democracy. Though I tell myself voting does not matter, I see republicans pulling every kind of chicanery to suppress the vote, to discourage democrat demographics from voting. They've presented it such that voting has become a sharp stick in the republican eye. Therefore, I must vote, just to give the stick a little bit of a twist. The democrats are just as complicit with the international corporation tax dodgers as the republicans. They are just a little better at pretending an interest in the populace. By now, they have all  entered my zone of no confidence. Just about everybody who liked the idea of a black president is disappointed by his absence of interest in the American black people. He is the subject, the target of American racism, and continues to touch the subject with denial. By denial I mean only talks in white man platitudes on the subject, and the Hilary dismissal: get a job. Mitch McConnell will not be defeated because I voted. Nothing will be different if I don't vote from what it will be if I do vote. Only difference, I save a half gallon of gas by not voting. So I spend a dollar seventy-five to go vote. What do I get in return? More propaganda. What do I get if I don't vote? More propaganda.        

georgia o'keefe herself 


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