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Tuesday, July 1, 2014


adolph gottlieb

Driving home from a quick trip to town today for catfood and carrots, news on the radio, I reminded self with mild vehemence to let go of all, or as much as possible, concern about our American government. I used to think it was important to pay attention. I can't anymore. I still do. Today's news of the Supremes deciding against the rights of we-the-people pushed my buttons again. I tell myself, all the more reason to stop paying attention. I can do nothing whatsoever about it. The Supremes have become so predictable they reward attention with boredom. I have seen the progression to this place through most of my adult life, specifically since 1980. No longer will I say "We" in relation to government. I will say "They." We is me and other individuals. They is the takeover of our government by international corporations. They is not we. We the people are out. The Supremes taught us that voting is a sham. Since then they've been telling us, like everything else in America, now called "the homeland," they're only in it for the money. And the money is not coming from me or anybody I know. Protest, resistance, does nothing but get women beat up by cops and put in prison for assault. This new name, The Homeland, is evidently the name to replace USA or America in police state. Our new constitution is the Homeland Security Act. Remember where it came from? 9/11. I wonder why nobody has questioned where it came from, like nobody asks what happened to the third building that collapsed an hour after the two towers. The Homeland Security Act was delivered to our self-serving politicians in the night to be voted on in the morning, a document too long for even a staff to read in a few hours. It was written, edited, printed, bound, boxed and ready to go when the towers fell, by surprise. The document had been composed in secret over a period of several years, and waited in boxes for the opportune moment nobody saw coming.

adolph gottlieb

Every time I bring this question up in conversation I'm accused of "conspiracy theory." I hear it in my head as I write these words. I'm just looking at a few confirmed facts. No theory about it. I'm also not watching corporate television, so what do I know? I'm outside the propaganda loop, missing most of it. Propaganda is why I stay away from television and commercial radio. My lifetime started before television. I've seen television come in as a new marvelous invention. Even in the Fifties it was used for right-wing propaganda. The propaganda element became a state of mind we're living now. Propaganda has been found to work so well our politicians no longer represent us except in behavior. My intent to stop paying attention is frustrated by realizing I pay attention to stay abreast of the waning of our constitutional rights and basic human rights, step by step, by way of the Supremes and ignorant politicians in it for the money. This is the only real progression happening in our government. I grew up being told the Land of the Free is above propaganda. That was propaganda, too. America was the land of the free. The Homeland is not subject to the traditional belief system. I tell myself to pay no attention, but my attention for several years has been about self-preservation through progression into police state. There is no turning back. And the Kenyan-American did not do it. The mission is accomplished, police state is now. The surprise for me is seeing the Supreme Court systematically dismantle our imperfect democracy. However, it is also not a surprise. White man is in crisis. White man has proven over and over he has no use for democracy where women and other races are concerned. Now that Whites and Others in the population are 50/50, white man is freaking out, dismantling democracy to maintain power.

adolph gottlieb

I've been wringing and twisting over the question of whether or not to go on voting. Voting is active participation in a belief system I have abandoned. I tell myself to stay out of it. I see how desperately the propagandists are working against us and I wonder if voting might, after all, have some relevance. The efforts to nullify our votes tells me the propagandists believe voting matters. They don't want me to vote, so vote I must. My vote in a 75% right wing county and state only matters as one digit in the trash basket. Yet, I feel compelled to say by way of statistics with one miniscule digit, I want democracy. I vote just to say I want democracy. Our democracy has been imperfect all the way along, and there's no way it can be perfect in an imperfect world. I came up in the belief that we are continually working on the democracy to make it more representative. Along came the voice of Death Valley Days and put a stop to the progression and ultimately, democracy. I've thought this not to the good, but have rethought it too. If the democracy was so weak a bunch of wingnuts could tear it apart in front of everybody, it wasn't worth saving. It was not democracy even when we believed it was. Our government has always been a plutocracy, oligarchy, and now police state. I have begun to see it a good thing to be done with the old democracy. Fascism has a naturally short lifespan. Maybe it is best to sweep away our old plutocratic, oligarchic pretense of democracy. This is the time all traditions are going away, whether we like it or not. Democracy has been a tradition in our belief system. Evidently, American democracy had to be shut down from within by its own cancer. Maybe when police state has run its course and fades away of its own excesses, "he had a gun," a new form of democracy may be constructed. I won't see it in this lifetime.

adolph gottlieb

We'll never have democracy until we are done with racism. Scandinavian governments actually serve their people, somewhat. They stand as models to the world of societies able to live in peace. They only have one race. Europe looks down their noses at us for our racial issues. Even today, two-thirds of a century postwar, the remaining Jews are the niggers of Europe. They're not free of racism. Africa is not free of racism. The shrinking planet, economic international cooperation, has brought the whole world face-to-face with racism and religionism. It brings out the worst in us. We're dividing again. Racism has always been with us, just taken for granted as right, tradition. It's in our faces now that racism is not right and the world is in alarm. Big matter to deal with. There is no turning back. The American civil rights era only mattered legally, and not very well. Our racism has been glossed over by putting black people in commercials, electing a few people to public office, and political correctness. Black people are killed with impunity by law enforcement and as many as space allows are kept in the largest prison system on earth. Racism is a problem. The next century has a good chance of being as violent as the last century over racial and religious issues. The Baptist fundamentalists of America are at war with the Islamic fundamentalists of the Middle East, making vast fortunes for international corporations that keep wars going for their own bottom line. I've wondered as long as I can remember what is so important about living by the bottom line. I can't help but want to look a little higher than the bottom line. But that's just me. All the more reason to divorce myself from paying attention to a belief system I don't believe.

adolph gottlieb himself

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