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Sunday, November 24, 2013


It's a week of JFK review every time I turn on the radio. I don't listen to it. Fifty years later, we're getting the official mythology. That part is interesting, but it's the samo-samo. It's interesting to see the official version told like in school where we don't question, we take notes toward the test. I found the emphasis on Oswald curious. The temperament of the South in that time was incendiary about Kennedy for the same reasons the republican ku kluxers are openly wanting to pop a cap in Obama. American racism is a powerful force. Then, it was a dynamic force. It is not something you go up against lightly. Obama has corporate cover. Kennedy did not. My sorrow for my country regarding the coup that killed Kennedy is that I mark the date the last day of democracy in America. I see it the beginning point of the corporate police state that rules us now. I've not heard anything about the Warren Report Part 2 that was held in time capsule for fifty years. It's fifty years. We already know it has nothing new. Or if it does, it will go through censorship before it is published in book form for the libraries all over the land and the paperback racks in grocery stores and drug stores. It has about as much chance of spilling the beans as the official 9/11 report. The difference is, then, they didn't know democracy was over. Now, we're well into police state, television the ring in our noses. When propaganda central becomes reality itself after more than half a century, the false becomes true and ignorance becomes knowledge. More and more I hear talk and see articles about the downhill run on greased skis in the dumbing down of America process that is going faster than ever now. I never hear anything about television hypnosis, violent attitudes, intolerance of the other, whoever the other may be, casual attitudes about killing.
This is the America I have seen come about in my lifetime. I got in on the tail end of democracy. I got in on the end of the Old South, and the tail end of mountain culture. Even saw the tail end of the big band era. USA has become something set on self-destruction. It's a skyscraper made of imaginary playing cards and everybody wants to watch it fall on tv. I'm grateful my intuition throughout this lifetime has kept me out of political involvement. The world of politics is every bit as vain, fickle and self-important as Hollywood. Both are about money only. I don't believe anything I hear anymore. Again, I'm reminded that the people near and dear to my heart deserve more attention than the world of lies. It makes me want to go outside and work on the donkey den, enjoy that the donkeys are unaware of the collective mental construct that occupies the human mind with nonsense the humans take for reality. Donkeys are free of that thinking. Right and wrong doesn't concern them. They live in the present moment. No fear of the future, no regret of the past. They have memory, they are conscious, they have mind to think with. I've learned this from dogs and cats I have known. I see the same consciousness in donkeys. I look into an eye when I talk to one of the donkeys and see right away they get what I said. Yesterday, I was talking to Jack. I told him I'd love to have the experience of riding him. He listened like he was in agreement--he'd like me to ride him too. I said, but I don't want to hurt your back with my weight. Jack snorted and bobbed his head. It felt like he was saying, thanks for the consideration.
I feel so much better in the meadow with the donkeys than I do hearing the daily soap opera called the news. Every day updates the collective mental construct. I have a friend who went into a monastery in the 1950s and came out in the late 1980s. He was lost. He left the world in the Age of I Love Lucy and returned in the Age of Beavis and Butthead. He was a long time adjusting. It was a different culture. By the time he understood it enough to be more or less comfortable in it, he went back to the monastery, happy to be back. I have chosen for my path close involvement in what we call the world. The spiritual path is about living in the world of humanity. Like the Dalai Lama said, we live so close together we have to get along. Seems to me the spiritual path is about living at peace among other people who are not necessarily at peace in themselves. We represent every level of consciousness, every level of intelligence, every degree of emotion. Of course it's difficult for us to get along well together considering how radically different from each other we are. Like in a herd of zebras, if they can't get along with each other, they can't function as a herd, their defense, their security. We function in herds, too, for security. There is really no way to live among countless other humans, each of different experiences, different belief systems, different musical tastes, different educational levels, different degrees of compassion, different levels of tolerance. Scriptures from every religion give sound counsel on living in a world of other humans; honesty, humility, forgiving, generosity, unconditional love.
Then the scriptures get hardened into rules and regulations by the human mind. Punishment and killing become justified by scripture. American whiteman genocide of the native Americans was justified by scripture the same as slavery was justified by scripture. I look for the path of being in the world, not of the world. I'm fine with being in it. I know a lot of enjoyable people, have some good friends, good memories, good music, art, good reading. I have friends in the world of the four-leggeds as much of the heart as with two-legged friends. Of the world, I think of as climbing the money and influence ladder, serving self-interest, ego. It leads to an old man in a roadside diner asking people at a nearby table what they think of Obamacare. It leads to a lifetime of acting out a false persona. Of the world takes me down, down, down. In the world takes me up. I read a play by Harold Pinter and feel elevated inside experiencing art in a pure form, not produced by corporate formula for box office. If the world around me is satisfied with television for intellectual and spiritual input, I'm of a mind to be free to regard it what they want for themselves. They allow me what I want for myself. This is how I live in the world, not of it, by allowing others to follow their own light, and allowing myself to follow my own light. Not wanting money has been a great assist for not getting hooked by the world of wanting more. I'm enjoying wanting less in this time of the life. I'm thinking that wanting is the greatest hook of all. Not wanting, I truly feel a degree of peace of mind.

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