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Saturday, September 7, 2013


In conversations with people I know, I hear more and more from people who most often don't talk about current events querying how to live now that democracy is gone, recession is turning into depression for the middle class, and everything we hear from government is so obviously false we don't even think about it anymore. The working class has been in depression since 1980. In this time you don't even mention the working class. The ruling class regards working class as the enemy and media keeps a lid on it. You never hear "working class" on the news. It's always middle class. However, when working class gets politically active they want police state and attach teabags to their hats. Challenged for education, the working class is so easy to manipulate they bore republican strategists who laugh at them. Obama has disappointed liberals so much by now they've lost hope for him. Used to be he had liberals for his apologists. Now, there's not much apologizing for his absence of interest in the black people, as Obama evidently identifies with his white half only he is able to see. A black man raised by white people thinks white and talks down to black people. Every time I've heard clips from his speeches to black audiences, he basically tells them to get up off their asses and get a job. Looking at it from his logic, paying any attention to black issues would only go against him. He already has the black vote and he'd lose much of his white base if he gave attention to black issues. As it turns out, he's just another republican in black face.

I and many others believed Bush, Cheney, Rummy, Rice belonged on trial for war crimes, crimes against the American people. Obama is now saying Bush wasn't such a bad president. He apologizes for the Bush-Cheney-Rummy-Rice administration, enforces the fascist constitution, the "patriot act," and is not undoing the police state BCRR set up. He makes police state obvious. It's been under cover creeping up on us. Now that it's here, it's out in the open, and the president is part of it. Everything we grew up being taught in school about our great democracy is false. It's a belief system from the past. The rest of the world is watching the fall of the American Empire, glad to see it go, but quaking because the economies are intertwined. Naturally, the American Empire became the world's police force when the Soviet Union fell. USA is showing itself to be a tyrant declaring pre-emptive wars on powerless poor countries that can't defend themselves---to stop them from destroying America if we don't kill at least a million of their people first, in the name of peace and liberty. US government cannot be serious saying they want to attack Syria because the government there killed a few hundred people. The US government doesn't give a shit about the dead people. They are the smokescreen. The US government is not a moral entity. It's run by corporate mind: money and power.

For some years I've been wondering how to live in this downward spiral created by the Reagan Revolution, seeing that it is not going to reverse any time soon. Not with Obama. Not with democrats. The democrats role in the Reagan Revolution is enabler. It's one party we have, the republican party. I fuss with myself looking for how to live. I have to put democracy out of my mind as an American institution, have to face it squarely that the international corporations took our government by coup, November 22, 1963, and keep us believing democracy is our state in transition to police state. Their propaganda has been so good, they have the American people wanting police state. Now that I know we are in police state and the American people are by citizenship the enemy, how do I live? In my school years I often wondered what it was like in a totalitarian country where people have limited rights. I found Gao Xingjian's ONE MAN'S BIBLE a very clear picture of living under the dark cloud of police state. You watch what you say to anybody. There, they become sheep for self-preservation; here, we become sheep out of indifference to all but the propaganda speaker in the living room, where even the laughter is not spontaneous.

All I know to do is hunker down like living in a house with a tyrant, bear with it and keep what we call a low profile. I think profile here has to do with police records. Meaning: don't attract attention. I'm approaching the end of my life in this body quite naturally, and wouldn't care a great deal if taken out for police state reasons. I recall in a film many years ago a guy about to be shot by Nazis said, "I'd rather die than live in the world you created." No shit. The formula for successful living in this world applies in police state as well as in democracy: no desires. I still have a carry-over in my belief system that the citizen matters. My mind knows better, but I've been trained from childhood to believe it was a naturally imperfect democracy, then watch it through the course of my life become a corporate police state. I still laugh when I think about the Patriot Act of 1,000+ pages, outlined, written, edited, printed, bound, boxed, delivered just in time for 9/11/01. Good timing. Isn't that called serendipity? The title tells you it's the work of scoundrels, in case anybody wondered. In my youth, it looked like great things were ahead for my country. Then the Reaganista coup of 1980 began the dismantling of our court system and democracy itself, laying the ground for police state, consciously with intent. This is not an unforeseen byproduct of the good of the people. The Bush-Cheney-Rummy-Rice coup of 2000 put an end to democracy and set police state in motion. Obama is playing his role like an A+ student trying harder on account of his racial disadvantage. His handlers will have him laughed at yet over the Nobel Peace Prize.

I see he's playing tough guy with Putin. I wouldn't advise him do that. Obama has a good mind. Putin has a better mind. Putin could kick Obama's ass from here to kingdom come, both physically and mentally. Obama is also POTUS. He does not represent himself, and he is conscious of it. When it comes down to living out the rest of my life in police state, it is time to rethink. I'm not one to lie down in front of a tank. I'm more like the Chinese that accept the inevitable and stay out of the way. That's an aspect of living rurally, out of the way, that I really like in this time. Jets and other military planes have been flying over the mountains in profusion the last weeks, more every day, practicing flying below the radar. This happens every time a new war is cranking up. It is telling me the next war is in the works. So I'm looking at an economy going under and the question of whether or not a new quagmire war on the next defenseless poor country in the Middle East that Saudi Arabia wants shut down. With an economy based in war, what does a country do when its economy heads downward. War. What is it good for? Keeping the economy going. Even if this was a democracy, I couldn't change any of it. For one thing I don't have the money for lobbyists and gratuities. The political world is not for me. The best thing I can do is stay at home and not concern myself with democracy or any of that old Enlightenment nonsense. The founding fathers were left wing radicals. Delete.


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