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Wednesday, January 2, 2013


It's late Monday night, news telling about republicans and fiscal cliff, a term I'm as tired of as "spot on." The third time I heard spot on was too many. Given that it is official now that this congress is the worst ever, that's saying a lot. I've not seen worse in my lifetime. It's so bad that every day when I hear the news I want to tell McConnell and Boner to get their Nazi parrot minds out of my government. Then I think of thousands of people wanting to tell them the same thing, how little it would matter if word got to them that I want them gone. What do they care? I'm one of the American people, one of the people they are working against. They don't care what I think. I'm not adding any money to their personal fortunes, so I don't figure as anything more than a crab on the ocean floor. It's American powerlessness I'm feeling. Only the ruling class figures in republican world. Democrat world too. Our politicians show us every day and every year that we the American people are of no consequence. Continuing the Sheriff of Nottingham tradition Reagan kicked off, the republicans continue to work overtly and openly against the people they "represent." The only thing they represent is money. Money only. Not even the baptists they fool into working against their own interest matter, except as easily manipulable people who fall for propaganda. The republican party appears now to be a magnet for the ignorant, for people who believe what they're told without a trace of skepticism, and do what they're told. Just say "God told me to do it," and the faithful believe it.

I grew up in a Kansas fundamentalist church, Calvary Bible Church, and know Kansas fundamentalism from the inside. They made me an atheist; it took 15 years to undo the nonsense put into my mind of There's only ONE WAY. That, of course, is the preacher's way. It doesn't take any education, any intelligence to call oneself to preach and lay it on God. Who can disprove it? Among the old-time mountain Primitive Baptists and Regular Baptists, somebody who said he'd been called to preach is required to prove it in his preaching over a long period of time to people who know how a real calling manifests. Absolutism is the fundamentalist way. It's never a possibility of anything but right (baptists) and wrong (everybody else). Now that the fundamentalists have become political, they are coming out into the open where their nonsense shows itself for what it is. In a church where the preacher is the answer-man, the people in the church go by what the preacher sez. Some egomaniac who doesn't want a job says God called him to preach and certain people believe it and go with him as God's interpreter. He likes being looked up to. Inside the church it's understood that everything the preacher says is Truth itself. I recall often sermons against Communism in the early Fifties. I'm all for churches being taxed when they want to be political. It appears to me that now that the fundamentalists have come out in the open as Reaganista republicans, they have the potential to implode the republican party. I'm glad to see that this worst Congress ever, due entirely to the republicans, is looking like the final stretch of the Reagan Revolution that was impotent from the beginning. It's only purpose to take from the working people and give to the rich. Of course, it will go on, like republicans are still blaming everything but their own self-delusion for the loss in the election.

Considering that Bush was not elected into office either time, and considering that the republican party has made itself into the White Man Party, the party doesn't look to have much of a near future except as obstructionists. White man is now outnumbered. White man still rules the corporate hierarchy, which really is our government, and will go on ruling. White man will not let go of power just because of democracy. The South showed a century and a half ago that white man does not care about democracy as much as he cares about racism. This last election the republicans showed their racist hand out in the open. Republican philosoph Limbaugh's response to the Fail: "We're outnumbered." Racism lost the number count for them. Racism as a propaganda device has been successful, until now. The Reaganistas put all their eggs in the Reagan basket. It had no bottom. Now the great FAIL of racism as political winner. The fundamentalists embarrass the USA to the rest of the world just like the Islamic fundamentalists embarrass their own countries. Right wing absolutists who believe power is real, religionists. All for God. Poor God. God is like the ocean in the way the humans of the earth funnel their shit into it. God told me to do it. One thing I've found disturbing is the preponderance of slogans and signs saying God hates whatever the person holding the sign hates, evidence of a belief system that God hates. I see several putting God-hates messages on facebook. Evidence of a hateful belief system. Hateful people.

So much hate has been generated by the Reaganista strategy divide-to-conquer, I've been seeing the hate level rise until by now it's reached a place where it needs to be burned off. War burns off collective hate. Wondering if we have a civil war in our near future created by the hate generated by the right wing in a bid for absolute power, I've begun to see these homeland terrorist attacks of a white man killing indiscriminately, then most often killing himself, as a possible civil war expression. FBI has such tight surveillance of any opposition group of the left, no opposition can be organized. The Bank is now lobbying to have the Occupy movement declared terrorist to arrest them. The FEMA camps are ready. Terrorism is the nature of war in this time. If these white men on killing sprees were Mexicans who had crossed the border, USA would have nuked Mexico to smoke long before now. Happening on the inside spontaneously without organization, copy-cat events as seen on tv, it's taken for a gun problem. It's not a gun problem. It's a civil war problem. It looks more and more like a civil war the enormity of American hate created. The hate is generated through tv and radio, meaning the killings will continue. Guns are the tools of war. This is evidently the war of everybody against everybody.


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  1. very astute, tying it all together in such a neat package, I could never do that in so few words......I would venture to say Brilliant, however, you and I know it is not Brilliant, but just payin' attention.....seeing their greedy pathetic insecure lust for what it is, the force that is destroying "our" country....that was never really ours? we are merely expendables....