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Saturday, December 22, 2012



I've been laughing all day, every time I hear the headline news at the top of the hour and every time it comes to mind: the official NRA solution to school massacres. Every school have a hired gunman, or, I suppose on huge campuses like UCLA it would take an entire police force of plain-clothed gunmen, all of them so obvious they're the same as in uniform. My laughing doesn't go very deep, because of what's behind it. The most powerful lobby in Amerika, the lobby that pays politicians well, the lobby that makes politicians quake. Our nation of citizens raising their voices by all the variety of media in the air and cable waves, and the politicians neither see nor hear a thing. They have pledged to cronyism to destroy American democracy from the inside, to nurture the cancer of racism, the cancer of gun madness (rage unto insanity), the cancer of ignorance, the cancer of, the cancer of. Our round the clock ongoing media of every stripe is making a difficult gauntlet for American democracy to stumble through. It may not survive the Reaganista assault. Limbaugh, the philosopher of the republican party is getting paid four million a year to capitalize on the ignorance of uneducated white men, as Capitalism is about doing. Limbaugh and Fox "news" has made the American working class man an unfit subject to live in this world, a threat to everyone around him, women, kids, black people, people of any color except pink, people of other religions that don't believe in Jesus Christ. Onward Christian Soldiers.

I learned today a certain phenomenon has a name. Stochastic Terrorism. It is the use of mass communications or social media to incite individuals not directly tied to the source to carry out violent or terrorist acts that are statistically predictable but individually unpredictable. Like it is predictable now statistically that we will have more mass shootings in schools and other public places. That has been predictable since the 1980s. I saw something that said a public "mass" shooting occurs every 2 weeks in America. That's predictable. It's unpredictable who will do it next, or this month or next. Even considering only the ones reported, I have to say USA is under terrorist attack from the inside. The preaching of hate by radio to American white men has become a serious national liability. Whether or not the shooters listen to hate radio and tv, we live in a society of people who actively listen and pay close attention like in church. Politically, the Fox spokespersons incite hate. Here in the USA so much hate is going around, it's about to get physical. Possibly this thirty year internal terrorist assault on USA that is statistically predictable and individually unpredictable might be burning off some of the hate that is going around in America. It surely is an expression of hate.

Now that these surprise school and public shootings have become predictable, they have a new name: lone gunmen. I'm hearing them consistently called lone gunmen on the news these days. That's new. I suppose it's been so long since the other "lone gunman" massacres, the two Kennedy's and Martin Luther King, it has lost its associations with that time. This time it really is a "lone" gunman. In those previous times, the lone gunman was the patsy for a coup. This time it really is a lone gunman and they're everywhere. Just the ones told on the news make a long list of people who have taken serious weaponry against anonymous people, emphasis on children. Considering this has become American predictable behavior, it says an awful lot about the American character in this time. That's the dark side. The answer is, of course, more enforcement, more laws, pre-emptive arrests, more guns. I'm still of the mind that it isn't guns that kill people, it's people that kill people. Guns are a tool. Put multiple versions of this tool in every home where the only source of information is the television, where killing is the ultimate solution, the ultimate entertainment, the ultimate. You say, "Nobody in their right mind would do something like that." That's right. We have a very poisonous atmosphere for anyone to grow up into in this time.


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