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Saturday, October 13, 2012



Thursday evening I listened to the last 10 minutes of the so-called debate between the VP candidates. They were so boring to listen to that I was about to turn it off when the moderator asked what each one of them would say he had to offer that nobody else could do. Ryan blurted out "Honesty!" I about fell out of the chair laughing. The man who has only lied so far in his campaign lied again. It still makes me laugh to think about him saying honesty. A sentence from Gore Vidal rang in my head. "When Americans cannot recognize stupid, we're out of business." Again, we're out of business. Television has rendered the American people collectively stupid. You say that's a strong word, consider Forrest Gump's mother, "Stupid is as stupid does." It's Ryan's words and actions that tell me he's stupid. That tells me he and Romney have better than a good chance of winning.

An article in the new Harpers (Nov 2012), How To Rig An Election by Victoria Collier is very well researched and told. I'm about half way through it, enchanted to see that someone has finally researched and wrote about voting fraud. Fraud is how the republicans took it in 00, and it's looking like it will take fraud to get Romney-Ryan in. And that's not just possible, it's likely. It's so likely it is unsettling. The republicans brought us to our collective knees with 9/11, 2 wars, a Depression and a get-the-nigger Congress. Racism wins again in America. White Man is desperate now that the voting population is below the half-way mark in numbers. After Emancipation, in the Southern states the black population equaled and outnumbered the white population. White Man prefers racism to Democracy, so the South threw Democracy off except as a nice-sounding word, fear that in a democratic situation the black people outnumber the whites, so White Man felt obliged to keep-the-niggers-down, seeing to it they have minimal to no education, then requiring literacy to vote.

We have it going on nationally now where "coloreds" outnumber whites. White Man is scared again and willing to throw off even the nice-sounding part of Democracy to keep power. White Man will have power or nobody will. Republicans are now the racist party, the party of electoral chicanery that has no bottom to how low Karl Rove can take them with his strategy mind. Rove is Romney's strategist; therefore, I see Romney taking it by some means other this time from "hanging chads." It will be a Rove original, illegal, but that won't matter, because they have the backing of the Supremes if election fraud doesn't quite get it done. Today I'm thinking of not voting at all. It would be a gesture, or non-gesture, of absence of confidence in the American political system. Johnson taught me to stay out of politics, Bush-Cheney-Rummy-Rice taught me for a certainty that we do not have Democracy in America anymore, even made me doubt we ever had a democracy.

Since the coup of the Kennedy assassination our government has only lied to We the People, taken courses the American people never wanted and us without recourse. Television has made a great smoke-screen of happiness where we need wars to keep the news interesting and products sold. Like Gore Vidal said, we're out of business. We the People have been taken over by multi-national corporate money after a few hundred years of corporate lobbying when We the People have no lobbyists on our behalf. Evidence of police state: the Occupy movement. Even National Public Radio, the "liberal" news outlet is the same as the corporate news, just told in less frenzy and commercials. Corporate news will not allow Occupy demonstrations to be reported in the news. NPR doesn't report it either. BBC America, however, does report the demonstrations. It's like being in Ukraine during Soviet occupation listening to Voice of America, the "freedom" station. Now BBC is the freedom station for Americans. The Occupy people are being labelled subversive, when in fact the republicans are the true subversives. They also know winners write the history books.


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