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Sunday, August 5, 2012


        christopher wool, untitled

Heard a news report from corporate media via NPR that the US Congress came together in agreement and voted almost unanimously, with 4 against, to make political protest illegal with stiff penalties in prison (of course). Prison is the answer to everything in the land of the free. Serious prison sentence for protesting now. Funny this would come up at the same time Russia is visited by the question of what to do in a police state about people who are out of control. I remember a time when a law made against protesting would be called "Communist," the word in the 50s and 60s for police state, which we so obviously have here that the entire Congress votes to outlaw political protest. Not a whimper of opposition. During the Bush administration protest became illegal, keeping them in cages, and now in the Obama administration protest is officially declared against the law in "the land of the free." It's the end of that phrase ever being used again except as intended irony. I want to be for Obama, but cannot. He has shown me nothing but appealing to the masses with silver-tongued "I'm gonna," and what he delivers is billions of tax dollars from the working people to the corporate greed machine that brought us to Depression. And the billions the people of the middle class were banking on, gone with the wind to the tax-free Cayman Islands.

Obama has shown me nothing over the last four years but giving in to republicans, talking big about what he's doing for We-the-People, but when it comes down to business, we get passed by and the assist goes to the Bank. More of the Reaganista "trickle down" smokescreen, a code word for funnel up. Continuation of taking from the working people and giving to the rich. For us, We-the-People, it is a disgrace that in "the land of the free" there was no outcry, not even a whimper about the travesty of the entire Congress curtaling a basic freedom of the democracy that used to be. I hear talk about Arab countries, getting them involved in democracy. Save a heathen for Christ. The country enforces democracy by pre-emptive strikes that ultimately destroy defenseless countries of colored people in a colonialist will to genocide for their resources. The country playing King of the World has thrown democracy out of its government and goes on preaching democracy around the world. It's like Kansas fundamentalists whose duty it is to browbeat others about Jesus and have no idea what they're talking about. Jesus who really did not die, died for your sins. How can that be? Never mind. Believe it or you'll go to hell. :D

Looking backward at Democracy in America, what used to be, if it ever was, from the time of WW2 truly active democracy, the real thing, has become "radical." Take at look at the tv channel Democracy Now. The people on there look like serious radicals of the 50s. They look like people who read books, even. It cracks me up to see these serious people, who used to have radical left wing socialist ideologies, now are serious about democracy as a losing cause. Democracy is the next new thing, evidently. Like Gore Vidal said in an an interview I saw from Democracy Now, he did not see it coming that the republic was so easy to everthrow, and the public never noticed. He appeared to be a bitter old man in his 80s seeing his precious nation he's studied and loved all his life go down the drain into a corporate police state. In photographs of him in his later years, bitterness had fixed itself in his face. His writing was outraged that the Bush-Cheney-Rummy-Rice Junta took over the government by coup. Obama, like I said, isn't showing me anything at all. He has a charisma in his talk that calls one to come along, but I've never seen what he calls us to of any real benefit to We-the-People, but more subservience to corporate absolute power, which is what he obviously "represents." He sure does not represent We-the-People in any way I read his actions. Words are cheap. He sometimes strikes me a republican in democrat clothes, like Joe Lieberman.

I'm seriously thinking about joining the American left wing, the half of the population that does not vote. Heretofore, I've voted as an act of protest, to say I want democracy. Now that protest is against the law, I think I'll just drop out. That's what the "corporate elite" want me to do. Makes me want to stay in and keep on voting just to defy them. But it's nothing to them if I vote or if I don't. It only matters to me. I feel like I'm participating in democracy by voting, even though I know my vote counts for nothing at all. In 1968 when Johnson hoodwinked the American people (again) by telling the American corporate press what to say of the Vietnam March before the event started. The press faithfully reported the lie. Obviously, it was a lie. I read NY Times, Wash Post, AP, Time, Newsweek, US News, and they all reported the very same story, none of it true. Then, I think it was Nat Hentoff who wrote an article for the Village Voice (before Rupert Murdock bought it to silence it) telling about Johnson's press conference and the truth of what happened at the occasion. Norman Mailer wrote about it Armies Of The Night and he, too, told of the Johnson press conference. I went to the event. I looked at the various news sources the next day. That day I swore off any involvement in politics. Today, Obama is inspiring me to swear off voting. I can't vote for either him or nit-wit Mitt. I can't vote FOR anybody in the election chain of command, top to bottom, have never had the opportunity to vote for anybody. All my voting has been against. I think in French it's je refuse.

Voting is a sham in a police state. We may not have many more years of voting. Another saying from Gore Vidal in the Democracy Now interview, "If the American people can't read stupid, we're out of business." Meaning, we're out of business. The republicans are dead set collectively on destroying our government, out in the open sedition, unto self-destructively dead set against democracy. My hope is they will self-destruct sooner than later. I don't hope anything politically in a police state. Another problem I have with Obama is he has come on to us like he's Mister On-our-side. I see him dancing the jig to get votes, but his allegiance is more to the Bilderberg Group than it is to thee and me. Or so it appears. Given that the republicans control the democrats and have since Reagan times. Republicans move to the right, Democats move to the right. Step by step, the republicans have walked the Democrats all the way over into the right wing, unto the legislation of the last few days, democrats in league with republicans making protest by the electorate illegal. I think I'm done voting. As of now, voting looks denial of police state.


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