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Monday, October 10, 2011


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I'm hearing all kinds of things about what's going on in American political self-interest. A friend who knows more about what's going on politically than I do, said yesterday that in his lifetime this period in DC as it is now is the closest to anarchy he has seen in our political system. I felt like that was well considered and definitely the case. I would say he's neither left nor right, but leans right. Doesn't listen to Limbaugh, so he's not a parrot. He informs my thinking more than I inform his. I actually don't intend to inform anybody's thinking. Sometimes I may speak with such urgency, but still I have no interest in persuading anyone or even informing, because I know how fallible I am. Plus, I know that I think I am better at one thing and another than I really am. I have taken on projects thinking I had what it takes, but when it gets down to business, I don't. It took a long time to learn that, but I've finally caught on. I think, maybe hope.

Even though I see through the filter of my own experience, I don't think it's all inaccurate. We know the republicans are going for absolute police state power. I can't help but see next election giving congress and senate to the republicans, and that will be it. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers may be coming home with nothing to do, but still in the army. If the Wall Street demonstrations continue to grow, the army might be called in. The demonstrators are up against absolute power, the greatest power on earth. I like their chant, "We are the 99%." Of course, that means nothing where power is concerned. The 1% with the money that in America equals power will rule as they will, self-interest foremost and only. They control the Pentagon too. They will go on taking our resources to themselves, as is their purpose, like taking the copper mines of the Congo to themselves. They think nothing of putting a CocaCola plant in an Indian village, take all the water of the region to their own use and allow none for the local people who were doing just fine till the Coke plant came in. But they're making money. Tough shit for the people. In Columbia, the CocaCola corp was exposed a few years ago for hiring death squads to kill union activists and their families. Busy exporting democracy.

I don't know if I would join those demonstrations in the big cities with stock exchanges if I lived in one. I can't help but think of the line from the Rolling Stones, "I think I'll go down to the demonstration, get my fair share of abuse." In my 20s I would have, just to be with what's the cool thing to do of the moment. Today, I'm a bit jaundiced by what I've seen of American political decision making since the Truman/Ike period when I began to become aware of what we called current events at school. Since then, I've been through the brief Kennedy time of something on the order of hope for the American people. The corporate powers took care of that shit. I rate Johnson the first real scoundrel in the White House to turn our government over to the corporate powers. I can't help but see the Kennedy assassination as anything but a coup. When you play follow-the-money, look who and what it benefited. Since corporations now are legally regarded people, I guess it's not a matter of what, corporations not being what anymore, but who. What a bunch of bullshit. Or who a bunch of bullshit. Didn't benefit we-the-people. Then Nixon, even worse in the advance toward police state.

Carter attempted to be a benefit to the American people, but was defeated at every turn by the corporate opposition. Then Reagan came in playing John Wayne and the race was on to make the 99% into a peasant class like Russia in the time of the Czars. He set the progression of regression into motion, cutting loose greed in the entire population, cutting loose the corporate powers legally to swallow us whole, like a snake swallows a rabbit. Ford and BushOne were just benign practitioners of what they were given to do. Then the public assassination of Clinton's character by some of the most low down swine operating in DC. What they're doing to Obama is the same as they did to Clinton, orchestrated by the same mind. I can't be objective. Through the years of my own experience, I've come to see the republican party since 1963 the true enemy of the American people. Communists weren't anywhere near the threat that comes from within, the cancer built into democracy. The cancer was in there from the start. The Civil War was created by the cancer within.

Political cancer has put an end to democracy in America. Obama won't be able to get it back, even if next election gives everything to the democrats. It's been a systematic whittling away of our power as citizenry. By now we have no power of citizenry. Evidently it's true that democracy has a 200 year lifespan. Given that's the case, we're in the time for what comes next. The corporate power will have us in police state, and will allow no other way. CIA, FBI surveillance is on the order of flawless already. Nothing against the State can be organized by more than a few people without an infiltrator, whoever they are are, leading them to their own destruction. The Wall Street demonstrators are already being called hippies, losers, leftists, this and that, just like in the 60s. If they don't settle down soon (this aint the 60s), the empty FEMA concentration camps all over the country will start filling up. That's what they're here for. Civil unrest, which has begun. They've been expecting it, because they set it in motion consciously, knowing what it would lead to. Concentration camps have VACANCY all over their gates. Ready for business. They weren't built as an artist's installations or environmental art.

There, I got it said. This is what has been bugging me. I can't see it any other way. I've seen enough evidence to convince me that something like this is going on. I've seen no reliable evidence to the contrary. I am powerless, don't even want to think of this blog as anything to do with power. It's just sound and fury signifying whatever: nothing. Just putting down one person's way of seeing. All our experiences are our own. I don't know that I'm right. Don't know that I'm wrong. It's all images in the mind, possibly something like a jigsaw puzzle for the mind. This goes here. This goes there. Finding parts that fit into the whole and filing them into their places. One at a time. Throughout a lifetime the jigsaw gets pieced together. By this time in the life, each of these blog entries is a piece in the jigsaw puzzle that tells the story of how this one individual in a given place and a given time assesses experience. I think of it something like an open journal. I can't just write for myself, but I can for somebody else. Here, you know me as my friends know me. And we have to allow for self-serving, which is unavoidable writing of one's own observations. When you're reading any of these, please do it understanding I'm not wanting to persuade you to anything, unless it would be to make your own decisions. And that probably because it turns out to be the lesson of my life to myself.


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