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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


the sparta water tower

Back in the 1950s I'd guess about all the water towers in the country had grafitti scrawled all the way around them. Since this one was painted green with the yellow school logo on it, I don't think there has been any grafitti painted on it, like Sheena loves Todd, or names of the kids who made the climb. In my teenage years, I remember hearing about a kid who was climbing a tower somewhere to paint something on it. The ladder up the tower leans outward to go up around the bottom of the tank. This kid wasn't prepared in his mind for that point where the ladder turns outward. He thought the ladder had come loose and he was falling, so he let go and fell. The moral of the story: if you want to paint something on a water tower, remember the ladder turns outward at the bottom of the tank. Don't let go. That story actually comes to mind every time I see a water tower.

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