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Wednesday, January 19, 2011



This is Selma in her world, the Backwoods Bean Coffee Shop across from the courthouse in Sparta. Any time I go in there, whatever day, whatever time of day, it's like taking a part in a play on a stage, the scene a coffee shop in a small mountain town where lively conversation runs between whoever is in there. Selma is the audience. She said today that every day is uniquely itself, different combinations of people, different conversations. It's a spontaneous show that goes on around her all day long that involves her directly. The theater of participation. The feeling in the place every time I've been in there is open, free to include anyone who walks in the door. The variety of people that frequent the place is a good cross section of different kinds of people who have as their bond an appreciation for coffee. It's a bar for coffee instead of beer.

Had to make a town run today, and an hour or so at Selma's is necessity. Going to town for any reason, I was always worn out when I returned home. Wasted. Now, with Selma's there, the place I can go to for visiting with friends and acquaintances in a comfortable place with good vibes. I drive home from town with a light-hearted spirit after some conversation with people who are friendly without gaming. I suspect a large part of it might be there is no spirit of judgment in there. It's a respectful atmosphere. The colors in there are warm like the air. It's good to have a Main St business in Sparta that is doing well. The view out the front window is the best view in town, the front of the courthouse with sunlight on it all day when it's not cloudy. It's like a big painting on the wall.

I'm tired and about to turn in. Saw a good film today by Naomi Wolf, The End of America. Very disturbing and all of it right there in our faces. She calls it our open society closing. She's not fanatical or even emphatic. She just tells a process the way it lays before our eyes. None of it is new information, but it's put together in a way that is clear, to the point, no exaggeration needed, no opinions even. Just putting it on the table like a spread of cards. The only thing disturbing about it is the truth in it. Good night.

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