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Saturday, August 21, 2010


caterpillar in furs
The mail lately hasn't had any junkmail in it, the kind Tom Pruitt would drop to the ground at the mailbox letting the wind and rain dispose of it, the kinds of things from Roses, Walmart, like that, the kind I bring to the house and drop in the trash. That stuff has been a nuisance for a lot of years. It's truly refreshing, even when there's nothing in the mailbox, to have no trash I have to bring to the house to put in the trash. I like Tom's method best. He did it every day and it always went away. I don't have what it takes. I have to bring it to the house to trash it. It was a little while before I realized it wasn't coming in the mail anymore. I know it's not the end of trash in the mail, but I'm sure enjoying this respite.
The PO says giving them extremely reduced rates is profitable for the PO. It's not profitable for us, the ones who have to pay first class postage. I've always maintained they need to pay full first class postage like we do. That would cut it out altogether. Maybe the PO has raised its rates on being a distributor of trash. It all ends up in plastic bags in landfills. The PO is not only encouraging trash by giving reduced rates to its purveyors, they're making very little to add to our landfill problems.
Since WW2 we Americans have bought so much trash just for the sake of buying, our houses are stuffed with things. Just about everything comes in a box, a bag, a can, a plastic bottle. Our music equipment is such that it costs more to have it repaired or can't be repaired at all, so another one is necessary, throwing out the first one. In the 50s we were labelled a throw-away society, consumer society, until by now cities are building mountains of trash. What interesting archaeological finds those will be in a few thousand years. Won't be anything left of our structures but rubble gone back to earth and our mountains of trash.
I feel like I know for a certainty this absence of trash in the mail has nothing to do with the PO decision makers turning Green overnight. Like everything else in our government, they're not doing it for our sakes. It's about money. I'm supposing it's the economic downturn (Depression to the people that work for a living) responsible for the corporate chains trimming their advertising budgets; therefore, disseminating less trash. I wonder if that means they're hurting, like us. Whatever it means, the meaning I like best is no trash in the mailbox day after day. It's at least a little sparkle of the positive in a time that seems to be sinking in the negative. A little light looks mighty bright in total darkness. We really are living in a time beyond 1984. I've found a couple of documentaries by Alex Jones exploring the minds behind the hands pulling the puppet strings that animate our government and where they are taking us.
A news note about Fidel Castro exposing internationally the contents of a book called The Secrets of the Bilderberg Group, the ones we call THEY, they who pull the strings. I looked to see what it was about and found it quite interesting in what little I saw about it. Found a really good price on a used paperback at amazon. Now I'm on the list of people that bought this book. Twilight Zone theme music in my head. Found at netflix something similar, a documentary called Endgame, and put it at the top of the Q. I take it for a place Cheney/Rumsfelt/Rice/Bush were taking us against our will. I've an idea Obama sees it too, the serious threat to Democracy that we-the-people have no defense against like the Indians had no defense against small pox in government issued blankets. I've thought for a long time I have a jaundiced eye about our government, but as I learn more and more, jaundiced is how it was 40 years ago. By now, it's much, much worse. So is our government. What I've been seeing our government do since 1980 was set us at odds with each other. I believe it's called divide and conquer. It's working. For my observation over one lifetime what I've come to see is the Kennedy assassination was a coup that worked. And I believe the passage of civil rights legislation right away was a smokescreen to distract from what was taking place out of sight of the evening news.
Take a thousand people old enough to be somewhat aware at the time, and I'd guess every one would have a different idea of what happened. This just happens to be mine, one in a thousand, or rather one in several million. Not stating this as fact you must believe. This is what I've seen and the pictures I made connecting the dots. As time goes by, instead of becoming less convinced of it, I become more convinced. Around the WTC event, too much unconvincing cover-up and too much evidence that people in caves half way around the world couldn't have orchestrated it. Even when it's found for a certainty where responsibility rests, there will be no trials. It would look really bad in the history books. Investigative reporting is almost of the past. I wish I could say getting trash in the mail daily is a thing of the past, but the trash will be back,. Our government is a sideshow where ignorance trumps intelligence over and over, and the people doing the canned laughter are rolling on the floor. Maybe that's what our representative government really is doing, representing us. Oh, oh-oh-Oh, Idiots Rule! Perry Ferrell of Jane's Addiction said that. Made a good rock anthem for a generation. It doesn't say a great deal for we the people when we have representing us such as what we have.

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