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Saturday, July 17, 2010


maple tree projection

Another day of skipping the fiddler's convention. When it came time to go out the door, I couldn't do it. I've been on the go so much, the last couple days at home where I want to be have been happy days. Didn't cost anything in gas to get here. Spent the day painting on the new canvas. Painting the background, negative space between the standing figures. Put several thin coats on it, different tones of a color each coat, going after depth in the color itself. I'll continue tomorrow. Putting the coats of paint on top of each other wet blends the colors a bit and makes a patina on the color below it. I'll put on some more coats and get it where I want it or an approximation thereof. I needed a boost to get going. Another ART:21 disc today, #4, every bit as inspiring as 1, 2 and 3.

I wanted to go to the fiddler's convention, knew where I wanted to sit. But it required effort to get from here to there. I was in a groove with the painting and decided it best to stay with it while I've got it. It felt good not to have to get in the car and drive someplace for one reason or another. It was funny to see how much I expected it of myself to be there. That must have been my public self. My private self said stay home if you want to. I would like to see/hear it, but wanted more to stay home. I know I would have enjoyed seeing whoever I might run into to stop and visit for awhile. If I'd been home so much lately that aching for someplace to go had set in, I'd have been there.

The oil spill is finally capped after how many months? I don't think about it much, but when it pops into mind I'm possessed with an enigma. What can I do? Nothing. That the source of the oil is stopped is a good thing, but far outweighed by the oil that has already been spread through the Gulf heading for the Atlantic. Out of sight, out of mind. Al Quaida would do best to sit back in their caves and watch CNN. They don't have to do anything to us. We do to ourselves better than they could ever pull off, even with the help of the CIA. Alice's Tea Party is looking like a homegrown terrorist outfit Tim McVeigh might have dreamed of in his prison cell. In the childhood years reading and seeing movies about cowboys and Indians, pulling for the Indians even though I knew they'd lose, I wondered if an entity as big as a country paid for its crimes against humanity as individuals. I decided a country surely would pay in its own ways. I think about the American murder rate, by far the most in the whole of civilization. Is this our return for attempted genocide and keeping survivors in concentration camps policed by the FBI? I have a feeling it is.

Yet, at the same time, attempted genocide tends to be an American propensity. Take a look at what has happened to a lush 2 continents that had people living all over them, but the integrity of the natural world was left intact. The people lived within its laws. Then along come Americans, initially British, much as they'd rather deny it, and we're hard at making both continents into oil slicks. I've wondered all along in my lifetime when it will come time to pay for all the issues politicians never address that need immediate addressing, are glossed over and put aside. They continue to grow. It's like dealing with our own issues. When one comes up to be dealt with, we stuff it back down saying, later for you. It's looking like it's time to fix all the institutions, etc., that have fallen down like old barns. One thing after another is facing the consequences of dodging real issues. I used to think of it as a jet plane flying straight at the side of a mountain full speed ahead. It seems like where we are in that way of seeing it is the nose of the plane has made contact, is crumpling from impact, the shockwave just beginning in the first nanoseconds.

I can't help but think it's a good thing we have an intelligent man at the helm in DC. Intelligence in our government is a rare phenomenon. I say value it while we have it. It's looking like Alice's Tea Party is making over Sarah Palin, NRA Barbie, into presidential candidate. What is their obsession with idoicy? Reagan, Bush1, Dan Quayle, Bush2, McCain. Now Palin being positioned. Puppets? I'll always remember the Jane's Addiction song, Idiots Rule. They win elections because stupid trumps intelligence on tv. I like being old enough that it doesn't matter. I like it that in this time of my life I can only name one tv sports star. That's Tiger Woods, and only because it's such an easy name to remember. There is bound to be some power in being Indonesian by heritage and named Tiger. Bold name. When you get to be top dog, the next step is the dethroning by the media. Fame and money turn out to be as fickle as the people that value them.

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