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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


to the rescue

This evening I listened to the president talk about what's being done to clean up around the stateside edges of the Gulf. I tend not to listen to presidents talk when they have some prime time to address the nation about one thing or another. I couldn't listen to Bush2. It was all lies any child could see through. Same with Bush I, Reagan, Nixon, Johnson. The Party of NO blocked Carter and Clinton from being effective in any way. The Party of NO hates intelligence as much as they hate the poor. I see now with Obamaman the Party of NO is doing the same to him they did with Clinton and Carter, obstructing intelligent legislation, but this time they've come up against somebody who has studied their strategies and found ways to bypass them, hop over them, get on without them and get something done. All the Party of NO really objects to is anything having to do with bettering conditions for the American working poor.

I like about Obama's blackness that he never adopted white American denial. He was evidently raised mostly by his white grandmother, the woman he went to Hawaii to see at a time he should have been some place else for political expediency. He's not one to talk about a major mega oil spill and act like it's nothing to be concerned about. The corporation has it under control. Don't worry about it. Lose a few ducks. No problem. I was told today that Limbaugh is telling it that environmentalists created this oil leak to get people on their side. Sounds about right coming from the Gingrich/Rove strategists. You can be sure Limbaugh gets instructions by email and fax multiple times a day telling him what to rant about. He's not alone. He's too stupid to be acting on his own. He's a hand puppet. Sesame Street for adult white men. C'mon boys, let's go tree us some coons. The funny is how the Party of NO depends for support on white working men, the very people they're dead set against. The consequences of denial?

I like having a president I can trust to address real issues that concern the people of the country, the people who work for a living, the people who pay the taxes, the people who go off to war; the people legislation has gone against throughout the last 30+ years. And they jump up and down for the Party of NO. I like a president who consults highly educated people in particular fields to gather around him the knowledge that can be known to make decisions by. I like believing I can trust Obama not to enrich Haliburton further at our expense by giving them the contract to clean up the Gulf, meaning it would never get done. They'd buy new houses on the Cayman Islands and not pay taxes. I can't help but be heartened to think that we have a president now who has some basic human integrity. It seems out of sorts in a politician, and this guy is a master politician, but his integrity is right up there, the likes of somebody not afraid of the truth. Somebody who looks for the truth and believes it is important to make decisions by what one learns in the search. It seems unprecedented in my lifetime. Maybe Roosevelt had it, but I was a baby in his time. Survived it, so it must have worked out ok.

Johnson was the one to kick me out of taking part in politics in any way but voting. He was such a mega-liar he made W appear a beginner. People believed Johnson. He lied with conviction. I see this video every time I put on the Viet Nam videos, the one it starts with, Johnson standing at the podium with mic like a television evangelist lying out right. It's been proven over and over. It's a known historical fact. It's also known by historians willing to face it, he gave the nod that turned absolute power over to himself, and, of course, Lady Bird. Turned out it's more like Lady MacBeth. I may be way off the beam, and surely am, yet I can't help but be heartened to have someone in the presidency from outside the Texas oil cartel. It makes him an easy target, like Kevin Costner running the gauntlet of a Civil War battlefield, but so far he gives the appearance he's up to it. I like my country being run by a man that brave. Like the Jamaican government couldn't shut Bob Marley up because assassination would martyr him and make him more dangerous to their agenda an immortal saint.

I feel good believing I know the Obama crew is undoing Bush-Cheney assaults on Democracy as fast as they can get it done. I like that he hit the ground running. He's going at it like this is his only term and he knows it in advance. There is much I don't understand. Let me be sure to say that for a certainty. I am not one for you to think I know what he's talking about. I don't. I just sit here watching words appear on the computer screen following my mind simultaneously. Fingers going like Ralph Stanley picking bluegrass banjo. This is my music, transferring thoughts to a form you can read and run your thoughts parallel with, not to be influenced by it, but for the mind dance. Thinking about Obama out loud. I've always liked him. I like his name. I like that when he was a kid he told everybody he didn't want to be Barry any more. He wanted to go by his real name, Barak. In America that was a brave kid. I love it that his other grandmother is in Kenya. They grow good coffee there. The coffee plantation in Isak Dinesen's OUT OF AFRICA was in Kenya. I tried some Kenyan coffee from curiosity and switched.

I can't help but be apprehensive that the downward momentum of the Reagan/Gingrich Revolution is too long a freight train and going too fast for all the undoing that can be done to change the direction of its Ayn Rand obsession. What if it turns upward just enough to make a ski jump and gives out? Woo-hoo. We'll need a real good ski jumper to lead us through the air to an upright landing farther along. It's a weird time for anybody with intelligence to want to be president. This man is not going to cow tow to the Party of NO. Why should he? All of the Dems did it before him and the Party of NO chopped their heads off. Not the Big O. Both him and his wife post-grad Harvard law school. Getting into Harvard is the nearly insurmountable hurdle. They did something so far beyond anything I'd dare dream about for myself that it would be plain foolish of me to even apply, let alone take 5 or 6 courses at the same time with some of the most hard core faculty on earth. I don't have a mind that can do that. I do have a mind to respect the ones that can.

Finally in my lifetime I've seen a president I can respect. I respect Carter. I respect Clinton. They were defeated by the Texas oil cartel all the way along. Not Obama. He's stepping on thin ice when he stands up to the corporate CEOs. Good this guy with BP is British. Let's see how he does with Exxon. It seems like he's making it clear to them that President trumps CEO. Obama is the first one I've seen who had what it took to stand up to the moneybags. I don't dare presume, so I watch and wait, see results of what's going on behind closed doors with armed guards even Steven Seagal couldn't get through. I feel heartened that we have at least an intelligent man making our decisions and doing what he can to protect us from the big dogs. He's giving us the backbone by example to stand up to them ourselves. Or, anyway it's there if we want it.

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