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Thursday, January 14, 2010


Listened to news today for what they're saying about Port au Prince. Exhibiting perfect predictability, the great minds of the Republican Party pronounced their edicts today. Rush Limbaugh's official word to followers, in the true spirit of Katrina, is offer no assistance. Pat Robertson blamed the Haitians for rejecting colonialism 200 years ago. They were slaves then, like they're supposed to be. Breaking out of slavery was a satanic act.

It is the 18th century way of thinking that our white nation is rooted in. The first steps toward Democracy were taken here, held as so great an ideal the white people allied with it. The Brits brought slaves in to get some plantations (outdoor factories) going. How do you have Democracy with slaves? Big conundrum. The common belief was it's not a problem, they're not human, they're Nigerians. Same as with the Indians. To kill one is about the same as killing a dog. It doesn't have a soul, so it doesn't matter what you do to it. But if you're going to kill one, it better be your own. They're expensive.

Democracy was a radical idea in that time. The seed of Democracy was planted in 1776, and it's met resistance all the way along. 1954 was a particularly difficult time. The white government was called to protect the black people from the white people. It was one of them what's-wrong-with-this-picture moments. It had always been the other way around, and still is. It didn't change. A couple hundred years of Democracy got Martin Luther King killed. We're creeping along. It's a struggle all the way. This was the original country of respect for the working man. What a laugh that is now.
It used to be that Democracy was a white thing. Now it's a mixed race thang. The squeals of Limbaugh and Robertson are consistent with the end of white man rule. A giant leap for Democracy. White men no longer own 51% of the stock. White people are having less kids and mating with people of all colors. Our president jumped on the ball and got help headed to helpless people without a pause. Racism as policy is over. It gives the impression our man at the top sees all the way to the bottom of the ladder. Lincoln comes to mind as another president who might have seen to the bottom of the ladder. Kennedy possibly. Not much life expectancy in it.
It's a tough one to get the mind around, the immensity of the complications involved in shoring up people who have only known the worst poverty. Whatever relief gets started on its way soon after the quake, it's going to take hours and days to get there. How could they rebuild the city where the houses made of stacked blocks all fell down? News I heard today is a great number of survivors are heading for the mountains. The people in the cities initially got there from the countryside to find work and make some money. Just as well go back. The port is wrecked. That will be one of the priorities to fix soon as possible.
So far, according to news I heard today, the Haitian government has made no efforts at any kind of help. I've an idea the Haitian government was in Port au Prince and hit just as hard as everyone else. Actually, I didn't even know Haiti had a functioning government. They have dictators who drain the country of its resources and leave after a coup. It seems like the Haitian government's role has always been to take from the people and give nothing in return. By now the Haitian population is like the landscape, down to nothing. No nutrients left.
Rich white preacher pronounces, You done it to yourselves. It's your fault you're poor. The black American president didn't even ask them if they believe in abortion. He set the wheels of help in motion. If this were my last day on earth, I'd be content that our beloved nation has taken another step toward Democracy, the real thing. Fine tuning Democracy seems to be as much the American Dream as wanting to be rich, entwined like the rose and the briar.

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